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See How Much an Extra Power Socket Costs

If you find yourself using extension leads or you’re constantly removing plugs to free up sockets, consider getting an extra power socket fitted. It doesn’t cost the earth, and a good electrician can usually complete the task in less than two hours.

But how much does it cost an electrician to install an extra socket?

Check out the price guide on this page for:

  • Replacing a single socket with a double socket.
  • Installing a new double socket in a new location.
  • Swap a double socket for a double socket with USB charging points.
  • Installing an outdoor socket on the exterior wall of the home.

But First… Alternatives

Have you considered these alternatives?

They’re cheaper and easier than installing a new power socket, perfect for renters and anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of a tradesperson in their home:

Roto Socket:

Roto Socket

Turn one socket into four with the Roto Socket which also turns 180° and is surge protected.

2-Way Plug:

Plug adapter

Gain an extra socket and two USB charging points. Perfect for the office or front room.

Home Office:

11-way power socket

Rated to 3250w this tower is perfect for the home office or behind the TV. Also has 3 USB charge points.

We Asked 26 Electricians How Much They Charge To Install a New Socket

We recently contacted 26 qualified electricians in the UK and asked them how much it would cost to install a new power socket.

This is bread and butter work for electricians and is the type of work they do week-in and week-out.

Below you’ll find our guide price for the installation of an extra power socket, we’ve averaged the figures given to us and displayed them by region:

Project 1 – Cost to Remove a Single Plug Socket and Replace With a Double

For this project, we asked our chosen electricians how much it would cost to replace a single socket with a double unit. We also asked for a separate price to replace another single socket at the same time (price in brackets).

Our property is 40 years old and had a new consumer unit fitted recently but has some single sockets throughout the home, which aren’t very practical.

This is how much we were told it would cost.

London Area£80 (£110)£120 (£140)
South, SW and Midlands£80 (£110)£120 (£140)
Outer Region and North£70 (£90)£90 (£110)

Project 2 –  Cost to Install an Additional Double Plug Socket

For this project we asked for two prices:

  • Fit an extra double socket in one room.
  • Fit two double sockets, one in the office room and one in the living room (prices in brackets).

This is how much we were told it would cost:

For two double socketFrom:To:
London Area£130 (£150)£150 (£180)
South, SW and Midlands£120 (£140)£140 (£160)
Outer Region and North£100 (£125)£120 (£145)

Project 3 –  Swap a Double Socket For a Double Socket With USB Charging Points

Are USB chargers taking up sockets in your home? 

Many devices now rely on USB power, from Fitbit watches and mp3 players to tablets and phones; it’s no surprise that older homes don’t have enough power sockets.

Have you considered replacing a few regular sockets with USB enabled ones?

You could free up sockets for a fraction of the price, and it’s less disruptive than getting an entirely new socket fitted.

Here’s a photo, many of these can be fitted to existing back boxes, making the installation even easier:

USB and mains power socket
One double socket w/USB all regions£70£110
Two double sockets w/USB all regions£80£120

Project 4 –  Cost to Install a Plug Socket in the Garden

We wanted a double socket fixed to the exterior of our wall. This will be wired from a spur in our existing circuit which is RCD protected.

If your consumer unit is old it might not be RCD protected and according to the regulations, any external socket must be wired to an RCD protected circuit. In this instance, you have a few options but all will add some extra cost to the installation.

This is how much we were told it would cost to install a double socket to the outside of our house wall. Expect to pay more if you want the socket located at the end of the garden.

Outdoor socket installation on exterior of house wall (all regions)£80£130

Our Prices Include the Following

The prices on this page include the following:

  • The supply of plain white power sockets indoors.
  • IP66 rated outside power socket.
  • Any cables or other parts needed.
  • The installation.
  • Cutting out of plasterboard if required.
  • Disposal of any waste.
  • VAT if charged.
  • Paperwork (self-certification) and notification via a Competent Person scheme if required.

What These Prices Exclude

The prices on this page are for standard and typical power socket installations and exclude:

  • Expensive fittings beyond the standard white sockets and standard IP66 rated outside double socket we chose.
  • The making good of the walls with plaster (some electricians plaster in the cuts on the wall while some don’t, we asked for this to be excluded from the price, even the work would be relatively minor).
  • New circuits – our prices assume that the extra sockets can be wired to existing circuits.
  • RCD circuit protection – our property has a new consumer unit so all the circuits are RCD protected. If you want to install an outside socket it must be connected to an RCD protected circuit, there are several ways to achieve this and a new consumer unit is one of them.

6 Things To Do Before You Get Your Electrician to Install a New Socket

Here are six things you should do before you get an electrician to install new sockets:

  • Check their qualifications, while often overlooked, this step is important if you care about your safety and that of anyone else in the home.
  • Read reviews from past customers online, there are plenty of places online where customers can leave reviews so look around or try Rated People.
  • Consider upgrading single sockets to double sockets, it’s quicker, easier, cheaper and less disruptive.
  • If you’ve had an issue with your fusebox or consumer unit tripping out, get your home electrics inspected before you add extra sockets.
  • Consider adding sockets with built-in USB charging points (see example) so you don’t have to plug in a separate charger for your phone/tablet etc.
  • Ask whether your installer will make good the walls or if you’ll need to get a plasterer in afterwards at extra cost.

Get a Custom Price For New Plug Sockets

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  • Fill in the form with details of your project.
  • Take a photo of your fusebox/consumer unit.
  • Get a price within 24 hours.
  • Read vetted reviews from past customers.

Power Socket Installations

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Power Socket Installation FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to questions about our power socket prices:

When Were These Prices Published?

We sourced prices for new and additional power sockets in early February 2021.

Do These Prices Include The Materials and VAT?

All of the prices on this page include VAT (when it was charged), labour and materials. We chose typical white plastic sockets for indoors and an IP66 rated socket for outdoors.

If you want to install polished steel or chrome sockets they will cost more.

Our prices are designed to be a guide and include the cost of common sockets.


How Long Does it Take to Fit a New Power Socket?

These are just guidelines but give you an idea of how long the work takes:

  • Replace a socket or two with like-for-like: 1 hour.
  • Upgrade a couple of sockets from single to double units: 1-2 hours.
  • Wire in one or two extra sockets: 2-3 hours.
  • Install an outdoor socket on the house wall: 1-2 hours.
  • Install an outdoor socket at the end of the garden: 1-2.5 hours.
How Many Additional Sockets Can I Add to a Circuit?

As a general rule of thumb, you can add an extra socket directly off an existing socket(s). If you need more than this, the electrician can install a fused spur which allows you to connect more sockets. 

This image below may help to explain things, while more info can be found at The Regs.

Should I Choose Single or Double Socket and Do I Really Need USB Charging Points?

It’s better to install more sockets than you need rather than too few, so it’s almost always better to install double sockets.

USB sockets can free up space as you won’t need to use separate chargers and they can help to future-proof your home.

We recommend installing USB sockets in the bedrooms and main living room.

Can I Move a Existing Socket?

It costs more to move a socket as the wiring at the old location will need to be made safe, and the wall finished off, this in addition to the cost of installing the socket in a new location.

How Much Does a New Consumer Unit Cost?

You shouldn’t need to replace your consumer unit just to install an extra socket or two but if your unit is outdated and unsafe, check out our guide to consumer unit prices here.

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