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Loft boarding is a great way to make the most out of the space you have available in your home. You can free up the loft, and with a suitable ladder and hatch, access to your stored items can be both quick and practical.

On this page, we’ll look at how much it costs to get a professional firm to fully board out a typical 30 square metre loft.

We’ll also look at how much it costs to partially board the loft, and we’ll display per square metre pricing, so have your tape measure handy.

For those of you on a budget and willing to undertake a little DIY, we’ve also got some great suggestions and products.

We Asked 17 Loft Boarding Firms How Much They Charge

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In early 2021 we took photos and measurements of our loft and sent them to 17 loft boarding firms; we asked for prices to:

  • Fully board out the loft.
  • Partially board it.
  • To top up our loft insulation, so it meets current standards (bear in mind that once the loft is boarded, you won’t be able to access the insulation to top it up).
  • Fit a new hatch and ladder.

Below you’ll find an average of the prices given to us, we’ve displayed these figures by region as we discovered that London and the south are more expensive than most other areas.

We can also help you source a competitive quote for loft boarding, so keep reading.

Project 1 – Install 15 Square Metres of Loft Boarding

There are two ways to fit loft boarding:

  1. Directly to the timber joists.
  2. By raising the timber joists first before fitting the boards.

If your boards are secured directly to the joists, there will only be minimal space for the loft insulation, and if you compress the insulation, it won’t be nearly as effective at keeping the heat in your home.

Also, if you don’t raise the loft boarding height, there won’t be sufficient space for ventilation, and condensation could be an issue.

For this reason, most reputable installers will suggest you raise the loft boarding height so a) Any existing insulation isn’t compressed, b) there’s more space for top-up insulation and c) you won’t get condensation underneath the loft boards.

The prices below are for the decking out of a small area – 15 square metres.

The most popular installation methods are displayed here, along with prices for extra products and services:

Loft boarded out
Item:London and South:Midlands:North:
15 sq mtrs boarding, raised with timber battens.£650 (£43.50 per sq mtr)£575 (£38.50 per sq mtr)£550 (£36.50 per sq mtr)
15 sq mtrs boarding, raised with LoftZone System£1250 (£83.50 per sq mtr)£1100 (£73.50 per sq mtr)£1050 (£70 per sq mtr)
New ladder and modify hatch to pulldown.£350£300£300
Relocate existing hatch, and plaster board old hatch hole£225£200£180
100mm top up insulation£12 per sq mtr£10 per sq mtr£10 per sq mtr

Project 2 – Cost to Board a Loft (30 sq mtrs)

Our property has a 40 square metre loft, but some of that space is tucked away in the loft corners, so we asked our installers to give us a price to board out 30 square metres.

As with the first project, we asked for separate prices for extras like insulation, hatch relocations etc.

The prices below are an average of the figures given to us for a standard loft boarding installation and also an installation with the more expensive LoftZone System.

OSB 3 Loft Boards
Item:London and South:Midlands:North:
30 sq mtrs boarding, raised with timber battens.£1050 (£35 per sq mtr)£950 (£31.50 per sq mtr)£900 (£30 per sq mtr)
30 sq mtrs boarding, raised with LoftZone System£1800 (£60 per sq mtr)£1700 (£56.50 per sq mtr)£1650 (£53.50 per sq mtr)
New ladder and modify hatch to pulldown.£350£300£300
Relocate existing hatch, and plaster board old hatch hole£225£200£180
100mm top up insulation£12 per sq mtr£10 per sq mtr£10 per sq mtr

Does the Floor Height Need to be Raised?

To allow for enough loft insulation and also airflow to prevent condensation on the underside of the boards, the floor height should be raised.

You can be achieved in one of two ways:

  1. The traditional method is to fix extra timbers onto the existing timberwork in the loft, this raising their height.
  2. By using a modern system such as the LoftZone Boarding System.

This system uses metal bars and supports to lift the boards high above the ceiling so you can add extra insulation and still have enough space for ventilation. This system raises the floor higher than you can with the traditional method, but the downside is the cost.

Here are two photos of the LoftZone System:

LoftZone System


Cost to Install a New Loft Ladder

We recommend a new hatch and ladder if you don’t already have a ladder or if your hatch is small and you require frequent access to the loft space.

Loft ladders are easy for a professional to install, and hatches can be widened or even relocated at extra cost.

A typical aluminium ladder costs from around £300 to supply and install, and regular hatches can be converted into dropdown hatches for less than £50.

Timber ladders and ladders with handrails cost more.

Insulation Top Up

The recommended depth for loft insulation is currently 270mm, it was previously 200mm, and decades ago, it was as little as 100mm.

Once a loft is boarded out, it’s extremely difficult to insulate it, so if your current loft insulation is below is 200mm, we recommend topping it up with an extra 100mm of insulation.

All of the loft boarding firms we contacted offered this service, and prices were around £10 per square metre.

200mm of top-up loft insulation costs around £15-18 per square metre to supply and install.


    A popular option is to install loft boarding to the centre of the loft and then fix shelving on either side of it.

    This is a neat and affordable way to create extra storage space.

    Here is a photo of such an installation (photo by Loft Ledge):

    Loft ledge

    Prices for loft shelving vary and depend on the product’s quality, size, and whether you’ll fit it yourself or get your loft boarding firm to do it for you.

    We were given prices from £20 to £35 per fully fitted shelf, while DIY products can be purchased on Amazon from around £15 per shelf.

    Lighting and Electrics

    Depending on how you intend to use the boarded out loft space, you might need a light and maybe even a power socket.

    Most loft boarding firms will be qualified and competent at basic electrical work such as wiring additions.

    Check out our guide to electrical alteration prices here.

    DIY Loft Boarding Options

    The cost of professional loft boarding isn’t cheap, but some great DIY products are on the market.

    If you or someone you know is good at DIY, or perhaps you can hire in a trusted handyperson, try Loft Legs.

    You screw these stilts onto the joists and then screw the loft boards onto them.

    They’re easy to install, competently priced, and you can take them with you when you move to a new home.

    All you need is Loft Leg and the loft boards:

    Loft legs for loft boarding

    Loft legs are easy to install stilts that raise the floor height so adequate loft insulation can be installed and a suitable ventilation gap created to prevent condensation on the underside of the board.

    Chipboard for loft boarding

    You’ll need to measure the spacing between the ceilings joists and make sure the boarding is the correct width. This 22mm thick chipboard is cheaper than OSB grade boards and is perfect for DIY projects.

    Loft legs

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    Loft Boarding FAQs

    When Were These Loft Boarding Prices Published?

    We sourced prices for the supply and installation of loft boards, shelving and insulation in early 2021 and published this guide in late-March 2021.

    Why is Loft Boarding So Expensive?

    The cost to fully board out an entire loft is indeed high as timber decking isn’t cheap to buy, and in most cases, the boarding will need to be raised too.

    Loft hatches, ladders and electrics add to the cost.

    You can keep costs down by only partially boarding out the loft and supplementing this with shelving.

    Popular options are 1/4 or 1/2 boarding rather than full boarding.

    We don’t recommend fixing boards directly to the roof joists unless there is sufficient space for the insulation (without compressing it). While this would simplify and speed up the installation, your home will be less energy efficent.

    Do These Prices Include VAT?

    Most of the firms we contacted were VAT registered and charged VAT.

    We’ve included VAT in our price guide on this page when the firm charged it.

    How Long Does it Take to Fit Loft Boarding?

    Most projects are completed in one day but can take up to two or even three days depending on the size of the projects and how many extras are required.

    Loft hatch relocations, ladder installations, wiring alterations, and water tank removals all increase the time it takes to finish the project.

    Can Loft Boarding be Fitted DIY?

    Sure, but remember these key points:

    • The minimum recommended loft insulation height is currently 270mm, and it should not be compressed.
    • If you’re planning on storing heavy items in the loft, you may need to brace the joists to provide extra support.
    • Use screws rather than nails so you can lift the boards at a later date if you need to.
    • We suggest you use OSB3 18mm boards as they provide the strength and moisture resistance you’ll need.
    • Make sure the boards you buy will fit through the loft hatch. These ones are designed specifically for lofts.
    • Don’t board all the way into the eaves, as you may inadvertently block the eaves ventilation, which could lead to condensation problems.
    Does the Boarding Really Need to be Raised?

    The recommended minimum height for loft insulation is 270mm (uncompressed).

    Most experts are now suggesting homeowners put much more in their lofts.

    To get a minimum of 270mm you will need to either:

    1. Not have loft boards fitted at all.
    2. Raise the level at which they are fixed so they don’t compress the insulation.

    Bear in mind that once the boards are secured in place, it won’t be easy to remove them and fit extra insulation.

    This image by LoftZone gives you an idea of what you can expect from a raised loft boarding:

    Raised loft boards

    Where Can I Get a Custom Loft Boarding Price?

    You can post details of your loft project on Rated People, a site where tradespeople are vetted by staff and reviewed by their past customers.

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