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How Much Does an Artificial Lawn Cost?

Artificial grass has changed a lot in recent years. Gone are the short-lived plasticky lawns that faded at first contact with sunlight.

Modern artificial grasses look authentic, last for decades, and their cost has come down considerably in recent years.

We’ve already displayed prices for a new real turfed lawn, and below you’ll find our guide to the cost of artificial grass in 2021.

On this page, we’ll answer common questions such as:

  • How much does an artificial grass installation cost for both small and larger lawns?
  • How much does turf cost on a supply-only price?
  • Where can I get an online price for my garden?
  • What are my options and what’s the differences between the artificial grasses on sale?
  • + many more in the FAQs section.

We Asked 28 Landscape Gardeners For An Artificial Lawn Price

See how much it typically costs and get a custom price online

The best way to get an idea of how much a garden project will cost is to get lots of quotes and compare them.

Here at Quotation Check, we sourced prices from 28 landscape gardeners and specialist installers in the UK.

Explore our cost guide below, which is based on the prices given to us by the landscape gardeners.

Some visited our properties to inspect the garden while some, due to COVID-19, were more than happy to quote us artificial lawn prices after seeing photos and dimensions of the area we sent them via email.

Use the prices we’ve published below as a guide to the cost of the project but consider that:

  • All the prices displayed include VAT where the firms charged it.
  • All prices are an average of the figures given to us by the landscape gardeners and the specialist installers we chose.
  • All materials are included in the price, the sand, joining tape and the artificial grass etc.
  • Waste disposal of the old lawn or garden waste etc. is included.
  • We’ve also calculated a cost per square metre, handy for those of you wanting to calculate a price quickly.

We’ve published prices for both a small garden and also a larger garden; the prices vary as smaller gardens cost more per square metre.

2021 Prices

Our artificial lawn price guide is below; the figures were updated in 2021 and reflect what landscape gardeners are currently quoting for this type of garden project.

Please remember that the prices came from both small and large firms from various locations around the UK.

Artificial Grass Price 1 – A Small 5m x 7m Lawn (35 Sq Metres)

The average size lawn in the UK is 35 square metres, so the first price we’ve published is for a garden of this size.

The work involves:

  • Remove existing growth in the garden (grasses, weeds, etc.).
  • Rake over the ground to remove any large stones and unwanted debris.
  • Level the ground and compact to create a firm surface.
  • Lay a weed proof membrane.
  • Lay and compact the sub-base layers.
  • Supply and lay the artificial turf as per the manufacturer’s guidelines which will include finishing off with a sand base to secure the grass in place.

The figures below are for a mid-range artificial grass, not the cheapest but not the most expensive either:

London Area£2300£2500
South, SW and Midlands£2100£2300
Outer Region and North£1700£1900
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Artificial Grass Cost 2 – A 15m x 15m Lawn (225 sq metres)

We know from experience that the price per square metre for a small garden will be very different to that of a larger garden, so we also requested prices for a second garden, this time much bigger at 225 square metres.

Use the price guide below as a guide to artificial lawn prices for larger gardens:

London Area£13000£14500
South, SW and Midlands£12500£14000
Outer Region and North£11500£12500
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Artificial Grass Supplied and Laid on a Per Square Metre Basis

Per square metre pricing is a handy, if not the most accurate way, to price a project.

Use the figures below as a better-than-ballpark guide:

All Areas£55 per sq mtr£70 per sq mtr
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Average Supply-Only Price in the UK

We looked at dozens of suppliers and gathered prices for a “supply only” basis; that means artificial grass delivered and inclusive of VAT.

The prices below are an average of the figures provided to us but exclude installation, sand and any ancillary products.

The cheapest is only good for displays and decorative uses.

Cheapest product (display - decorative uses only)Mid range price and quality, typically used in most domestic gardens.Top quality and priced at the upper end of the artificial grass price scale.
£9 per sq mtr£18 per sq mtr£30 per sq mtr
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These Factors Will Affect The Price

The prices shown on this page are for artificial grass laid onto a sand and grit base which is laid over the soil.

The following will affect the price:

Foam underlay – A foam underlay is used under artificial grass that’s laid over concrete, tarmac, resin, decking or any hard surface. It provides a comfortable cushion and helps to reduce wear and tear on the artificial grass.

The foam costs around £5 per square metre on a supply-only basis; this is significantly less than the cost to remove the top layer of soil to a yard and lay 35mm of sharp sand.

In short; if you’re laying artificial grass onto a hard surface, it will cost less than laying it on a soil garden.

Ground preparation –  No two projects are ever the same, and ground most of the work involved with artificial grass is in the preparation. Removing the top layer of soil, compacting the ground, laying a weed proof membrane and often several tonnes of sand etc. If you want flower beds removed, patios or paths dug up or substantial levelling of the garden etc. then this adds extra cost to the project.

Waste removal – Getting rid of commercial waste, even green waste, isn’t cheap in the UK. Our price guides assume the installer has to remove and dispose of waste, often severe tonnes of it (the top layer of the existing lawn). If there’s little waste or if it can be disposed of elsewhere in the garden, you can save money.

Garden shape – Square or rectangular-shaped gardens produce very few unusable cuts of artificial grass compared to circular, curved or triangular lawns. A lawn with lots of curved edges will require much more material due to the excess wastage.

Access – With several tonnes of sand to lay in the garden and possibly tonnes of waste to get rid of, how far the garden is from the road also affects the price. Carting tonnes of materials hundreds of metres to the road takes time and lots of workers. In a nutshell, gardens close to the road are easier to complete while those that are far away or perhaps difficult to access (i.e. no side access with workers having to go through the house) will take longer and cost more.

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Artificial Turf Installation Cost

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Artificial Grass Q&A

When Were These Artificial Turf Prices Published?

We sourced prices and calculated the figures in 2021.

Which Firms Provided You With Prices?

We sourced prices from 28 specialist installers and general landscape gardeners from several locations around the United Kingdom.

When is The Best Time of Year to Lay Artificial Grass?

Unlike real grass, you can create your artificial lawn at any time of the year.

Is Artificial Grass Eco-Friendly?

Yes and no.

Artificial grass is often made from recycled plastic, requires no fertilisers or weedkillers, and you don’t need to waste tap water to keep it green. You don’t need to waste petrol or electricity cutting it or buy tools to maintain it.

Unfortunately, artificial grass itself cannot be recycled; it must go to landfill. Insects which are crucial to a healthy garden, won’t get any benefit from artificial grass and will stay away from it.

Read more eco pros and cons here.

Why is so Much Sand Needed During the Installation of Artificial Grass?

Two types of sand are used: sharp sand as base and kiln dried sand as a bedding layer.

The sharp sand creates a smooth flat surface, prevents weeds, aids drainage and acts as a cushion under the artificial grass.

Without a thick layer of sharp sand under the grass, it would soon sag, possibly split or tear and would get muddy when it rains. It would also be very uncomfortable to walk on, let alone lie down on.

Fine kiln dried sand is sprinkled onto the surface to hold the artificial grass in place and also provide a soft cushion at the base of the artificial grass.

A typical artificial grass installation requires several tonnes of sand.

The Materials Come in Several Thicknesses, Why is This?

Thin artificial grass is ideal for displays and decorative areas that don’t experience any foot traffic.

Thick artificial grass, usually between 20mm and 45mm, is recommended for more practical areas of the garden.

In addition to the height or thickness, one should also look at the density of the product. Cheap products are sparse and gappy, while good quality products have much better density.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Cost Last?

Many artificial grasses come with 7+ year guarantees ad 2+ years installation warranties that cover the labour.

Good quality artificial grass should last 15 years but it depends on how it’s laid and how much foot traffic it receives. While resistant to UV rays, these products are still affected by sunlight just to a lesser degree than older, inferior products.

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Traders to Install Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass can be laid by landscape gardeners and specialist installers.

The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) are recognised trade associations in the UK. You can search their databases for local artificial grass installers.

The Association of Artificial Grass Installers (AAGI) has a limited number of registered installers and is worth searching.

You can also use our network of tradespeople and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

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We gathered three quotes from the trade network you suggested and they were all similarly priced. We were delighted with the finished product and cannot recommend your website enough. Your prices were very helpful for those like us, that have no idea how much gardening work should cost.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we advise consumers to source quotes for home improvement projects online where possible. To minimise the transmission of the virus, the number of tradespeople and sales staff entering homes should be kept to a minimum.

Having been ripped off and thoroughly overcharged for previous work, I decided to research prices online before choosing my next tradesperson, Thank you for your research into costs – very helpful indeed.

We were quoted over three times the figure suggested in your guide so we searched around and found a more reasonable price. Your guides are excellent and saved us over £500.

Consumers now have access to average prices based on real quotations.