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How Much Does a New Fence Cost?

Updated prices for 2021

Fence Prices For 2021

Figures From Dozens of Fence Panel Installers

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Our Fencing Cost Guide

If you’re looking for a price online for garden fencing, you’ve come to the right place.

We can reveal the going rate being charged by specialist installers and landscape gardeners in the UK during 2021.

Use our prices as a guide for budgeting or for comparison, we can also help you get a custom price for your project should you want a guaranteed price.

We Sourced Fencing Prices From 32 Landscape Gardeners in 2021

See how much the going rate is for garden fencing below

Experts recommend consumers gather three quotes before proceeding with a home improvement project.

Apparently, this is a great way to get an accurate price to weed out firms that overcharge.

We’ve taken things a little further and have asked 32 installers for a price to install a length of fencing.

Here’s what we wanted:

  • All prices to VAT where applicable.
  • The installer to remove an old fence and posts.
  • The installation of the new timber fence panels with new timber posts and gravel boards.
  • Removal and disposal of all waste.

The photos below shows what we expected:

Fence panels with concrete posts

Fence panels and concrete posts

Gravel boards

Gravel boards

1) Fence Installation Price – 5 Fence Panels (9 Metres)

We asked our 32 contractors to give us written quotes for the installation of five fence panels and the required number of posts and gravel boards.

We chose 6ft (1.82cm) high panels to provide us with privacy and to match the original panels.

The panels will be installed in one straight line and into a rear garden with easy access.

London Area£750£850
South, SW and Midlands£700£750
Outer Region and North£550£650
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2) Fence Installation Price – 28 Metres (15 panels)

For our second quote, we again asked the chosen fence installers for a price but this time for 28 metres of fencing, including post and gravel boards. This project consists of three linear sections of panelling; all three sides of a rear garden.

There’s good access to the garden, and we wanted the original panels and posts removed.

London Area£1900£2000
South, SW and Midlands£1800£1900
Outer Region and North£1750£1850
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Per Metre Price to Install Fence Panels

Based on the figures we were provided, we can calculate a price per metre for the installation of fence panels.

Of course, not every project is the same, and the prices for your project may be different from the figures we’ve calculated, but this should provide you with a better-than-ballpark figure.

All areas£66 per linear metre£80 per linear metre
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The prices shown above are for 6ft x 6ft panels – shorter panels cost less and are cheaper.

We specified concrete posts as they’re stronger, more rigid, and it’s easy to replace the panels by sliding them out of the channel. They do however cost more than timber posts.

We also requested concrete  gravel boards; timber is cheaper but more likely to rot. You could save even more by not using these boards at all, but the base of the fence panels will rot over time, so we think that would be a false economy.

We didn’t want the panels painted or dyed; we could do this ourselves.

Do consider that larger projects may cost less per metre/panel to install than smaller projects such as replacing just one panel.

Several of the firms we contacted priced the labour on a per panel price with 1-2 panels costing around £110 per panel and 15+ panel projects dropping to £60 per panel (labour only).

Our prices assume the panels cost around £25 each. There are hundreds of different panels to choose from including many different designs, all of varying prices. £25 per panel is an entry level price for a panel and of course excludes the posts, gravel boards, concrete and labour etc.

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We hope you found our insights into fence panel pricing to be informative. Many factors affect the prices (such as ground conditions), and to get an accurate figure, we recommend you arrange a custom quote online:

  • Get a custom fence price in hours, not days.
  • Reviews and feedback vetted for authenticity.
  • Our network of trusted fence installers can help you avoid scammers and cowboys.
  • Compare prices from different installers in your area.

Fence Installation Cost

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Fence Panel Question and Answers

When Were Your Fencing Prices Published?

We sourced these prices in 2021.

Which Companies Supplied You With The Figures?

We got prices from a wide variety of firms, including companies, one-person traders, specialists and general landscape gardeners. We chose businesses from various locations around the UK.

Do I Need to Paint or Treat the Fence to Protect it?

There are two types of treated timber fencing – dip treated and pressure treated.

Dip treated – the panels and posts are dipped in protective chemicals that soak the surface and protect from rot and fungus in the short term.

Pressure-treated – the panels are placed in a sealed chamber, and the pressure increased to force the protective chemicals deep into the timber. Pressure-treated timber costs more but lasts much longer.

You can treat both types of timber with additional protective paints and dyes.

AVS Fencing has an insightful guide to fence panel treatments here.

What's Best: Concrete or Timber Posts?

Most people will agree that timber posts look better. They’re the same colour as the fence panels and can also be dyed or painted. They are, however, weaker and more likely to warp and rot. Timber panels are cheaper than concrete ones.

Concrete posts don’t look as aesthetically pleasing but are stronger and don’t warp. They cost more but a key feature is how easily a panel can be replaced – the panel can be slid out of the channel with ease. This makes accessing the other side of the fence or replacing an entire panel a piece of cake.

Concrete post

Can I Save Money by Choosing Timber Posts?

Is it worth trying to save money by choosing cheaper timber posts or should I go with more expensive but also more costly concrete posts?

The price difference between timber and concrete posts will not have a huge impact on the overall cost of the project.

We suggest you choose a post that best meets your requirements.

A fence located close to a windswept coast should have sturdy concrete posts while a fence in a sheltered garden can have either. How you want the fence to look should also be considered.

What Are Gravel Boards?

Gravel boards are lengths of timber or concrete, of varying height, placed at the base of the fence panel to protect it from the moisture at ground level which could cause rot. They also raise the overall height of the fence. Do consider this when choosing a fence panel as they also come in several heights.

Gravel boards

What Height Panels Are There?

Fence panels are manufactured in several heights from 0.9m to 1.82m.

Don’t forget, you can increase the height of the fence with gravel boards at the base and even further by fixing a trellis to the top.

Fence trellis

How Long Does it Take to Install Fence Panels?

The time it takes to install fence panels depends on how easy it is to access the garden. The ground conditions are also an important factor to consider.

For example, it can be very difficult to dig post holes in gardens with lots of large tree roots or with plenty of concrete to break up and dispose of.

A team of two can install 8 panels and posts in a day assuming average ground conditions. The amount of time required can double with poor or difficult conditions.

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Installers?

You can use our network of tradespeople, and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

There are several landscaping associations, but most landscapers should be able to install fencing, it’s bread and butter work for anyone in this trade.

What Type of Company Installs Fencing?

There are specialist installers that build fence panels and only fence panels.

Landscape gardeners also carry out this work frequently.

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