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Our Guide to Garden Shed Prices – Updated 2021

If you’re looking to install a garden shed in the UK and want a price guide for both the cost of the shed and the installation, you’ve come to the right place.

The team here at Quotation Check has been researching prices for home improvement and gardening projects for over six years.

We reveal the going rates for projects like garden shed installations, offer hints and tips for a successful installation and can help you get a written quote online from our network of local suppliers and installers.

We Asked 35 Shed Installers How Much It Costs to Install a Typical Garden Shed

See How Much We Think You Should Pay Below

We first sent out our price requests to businesses and traders from various locations around the UK.

Most were able to provide a price via email after we answered a few questions while some visited our properties for inspection.

We then averaged the prices and displayed the final figure below.

We’ve made a few assumptions:

  • VAT is included in our prices if charged by the trader (many were small businesses that didn’t need to charge VAT).
  • Access to the garden is easy via a side gate; there was no need for the installer to go through the house or use any lifting equipment.
  • We didn’t require electricity supplied to the garden shed. This would cost more as it would involve the services of a qualified electrician.
  • Our garden is in good condition, and we didn’t any major landscaping done, just the base and some minor levelling of the ground.

Cost Example 1 – a 6ft x 4ft Budget Shed on a Patio Slab Base

We asked our chosen installers for a price to install a budget shed (6ft x 4ft) on some patio slabs. 

This is the simplest and cheapest way to install a small shed and was perfect for our tiny garden.

The scraped topsoil will be disposed of elsewhere in our garden, so there were no waste disposal fees to concern ourselves with.

The installer will prepare the base by scraping away topsoil, compacting the ground, laying concrete and then slabs on top.

On the second day, the installer will return the next day to build the shed, which will only take a few hours as it’s a small shed. 

Based on the prices we received, we think should be paying this much, but do remember that prices are higher the closer you get to London and smaller firms are often cheaper than larger businesses, so there’s some variation:

London Area£650.00£750.00
South, SW and Midlands£550.00£700.00
Outer Region and North£500.00£600.00
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Cost Example 2 – A Larger 12ft x 8ft Shed on a Concrete Base

Although our garden is fairly small, we also sourced prices for a larger garden shed.

We wanted a shed constructed on a solid concrete base rather than patio slabs; a larger shed may contain heavier items, so it made sense to us. 

As with the first quote, the installer will prepare and lay the base on one day and then return when the concrete has dried to install the shed.

The total amount of time to complete the installation is no more than one and a half days, possibly less. 

The figures below assume there’s very little waste material (i.e. no landscaping waste that needs disposing of) and no electricity supply is needed.

London Area£1400 .00£1500.00
South, SW and Midlands£1300.00£1400.00
Outer Region and North£1000.00£1150.00
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All of our prices include the purchase, delivery and installation of the shed and supporting materials, such as sand, cement etc.

The displayed figures also include clearing the soil and minor landscaping of the area.

They do not include the cost of electricity supply, freshwater supply, wastewater pipework, paths, turfing or security beyond a simple padlock.

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