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Our Guide to Tree Surgeon Prices – Updated 2021

Tree felling and care work such as pruning are one of those projects that we’ve found very difficult to price without first inspecting the tree and garden.

The proximity of any buildings, fence panels, public footpaths or roads etc needs to be taken into consideration and some trees are more difficult and time-consuming to work on than others.

That said, we’ve published our tree work price guide below, with a few caveats of course.

The Caveats

Well, not all trees are the same, are they?

The difference between paying a few hundred pounds or a couple of thousand for tree felling or maintenance work will depend on:

  • The tree’s height and reach.
  • The width of the trunk.
  • How many branches there are.
  • How easy it is for the tree surgeon to access the garden.
  • The type of tree.
  • The proximity of the tree to public footpaths or roads.
  • How much of the waste material can be disposed of on-site and how much needs to be disposed of off-site.
  • Whether the customer wants the stump ground down and by how much.

The height of the tree – this is an important price factor because it will take more time to lower down the cut branches, there is also the risk that parts of the tree will have further to fall and are more likely to cause damage. In general; the higher the tree, the slower the project and the more it will cost.

The tree overhang – some trees overhang sheds, greenhouses, conservatories and fences etc so the project takes longer.

Access – gaining access to the rear garden isn’t always easy, for example, terraced houses often have either no access or very narrow access to the rear garden. If you want the remains of the tree removed and you live in a home with poor access, the project can take longer and cost more.

Type of tree – some trees are simply easier to work on than others.

Public road/footpath – if your tree is overhanging a public footpath or road then you will need to get permission to close off the public area. This isn’t going to be cheap, depending on the road and location of course.

Waste disposal considerations – if you can dispose of the waste yourself, perhaps because you have a very large garden, then you’ll save a lot of money. waste disposal isn’t cheap and is usually charged by the ton. You might be surprised how much a tree weighs and how long it takes to cut it up and transport it away.

Stump grinding – this is an alternative to stump excavation and not only leaves a neat finish but also stops the roots forming into a new tree. How far down the stump needs to be ground out will depend on the type of tree; every species is different and the costs vary.

Tree Removal Prices

A look at tree removal and tree surgeon costs in 2021

Cost Guides – Tree Removal and Care Work

We asked dozens of tree surgeons from various locations around the UK to provide us with prices for two tree removal projects and a pruning project.

We’ve taken an average of the prices received and published them below. 

This is what we think the going rate for this type of work is, but don’t forget the caveats and of course, where you live in the UK will affect the price as London is an expensive place to fell a tree.

Tree Removal Project 1 – a 35 ft Multi -Stem Tree in a Rear Garden With Good Access

For the first tree removal price, we asked for a quote to remove and dispose of a 35ft Beech tree (multi-stem) in a garden that has good access and is located near the road.

We asked for the stump to be ground down the contractor to take away all of the waste.

This isn’t a big project, but will likely take a few men around half a day to complete.

London Area£600.00£900.00
South, SW and Midlands£600.00£900.00
Outer Region and North£400.00£550.00
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Tree Removal Project 2 – Take Down 100ft+ Oak Tree With Poor Access

Our second quote was for a more difficult project; the felling of a large 100ft+ oak tree.

The property also has some access issues and the waste needs to be taken away by the tree surgeon.

There will be several tonnes of waste material to be disposed of and a project of this size won’t be completed in one day and will require several tree surgeons working together.

The updated prices we’ve displayed below include grinding the stump out.

London Area£N/A£N/A
South, SW and Midlands£3500£5000
Outer Region and North£N/A£N/A
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Tree Maintenance Project 3 – Pruning and Trimming

For our third quote, we wanted an oak tree trimmed and pruned back.

The property in question has easy access to the rear garden and the tree surgeon will be removing all the waste material, we didn’t want anything left on site:

London Area£700.00£900.00
South, SW and Midlands£600.00£700.00
Outer Region and North£400.00£500.00
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The prices above do not include the cost of making good the ground under the tree, for example, extensive landscaping, laying patio slabs or re-seeding/turfing the lawn etc.

All of the figures include VAT if charged by the contactor and we last updated the price in 2021.

The Next Step

Get a quote from a reputable tree surgeon

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Price guides like ours can be helpful for general budgeting but they aren’t a substitute for a customised quote that’s based on your specifics.

As tree work prices vary so much, we recommend getting several prices from local tree surgeons.

We can help you get started, just click the button below and one of the tree surgeons from our partners will supply you with a price.

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Tree Removal Cost

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Tree Removal FAQs

Where Can I Find a Good Tree Surgeon?

Our network of trusted tradespeople is a great place to start and you read reviews from previous customers too. Just fill in this form to arrange a free quote online.

Are there any tree surgeon associations?

The Arboricultural Association offers membership to accredited tree surgeons who work safely to high standards. Other, more general trade associations include Which?, Trustmark, Trading Standards etc.

What background checks should I do when searching for a good tree surgeon?

We suggest you first ask for a copy of their liability insurance and check that it covers all their employees. Ask for local addresses of places they’ve recently worked so you can see their workmanship. Ask about any trade association that they are members of and for references from past customers.

I'm not sure of the trees in my area are under a preservation order. How do I find out?

Your local council, specifically, their planning department, should be able to tell you if the tree is under a preservation order. You may still be able to carry out work on the tree but under strict conditions.

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