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Turf Cost Guide For 2021

Turf Prices For 2021

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How Much Does it Cost to Have Turf Laid?

Lawns are extremely popular in the UK, and there’s no faster way to get a beautiful grass garden than by laying turf.

While you can achieve a near-instant lawn, often in less than a day, it’s certainly not the cheapest option.

On this page, we’ll answer common questions such as:

  • How much does turf cost?
  • Is it better to choose turf over grass seed?
  • Are there different types of turf and why?
  • What is the best time of year to lay turf?
  • How much does turf cost on a supply-only price?
  • Where can I get an online turf price for my garden?
  • + many more in the FAQs section.

28 Landscape Gardeners Gave Us Prices For Garden Turfing

See how much it costs to lay turf grass in the UK (and get a custom price)

To get an idea of how much a project costs, experts suggest consumers get up to three quotes from tradespeople and firms.

Here at Quotation Check, we’ve taken things further by contacting 28 landscape gardeners and asking them for prices to lay turf in a garden.

Some visited our properties to inspect the garden while some, due to COVID-19, were more than happy to quote us after seeing photos and dimensions of the area.

Use the prices displayed below as a guide to the real cost of turning in the UK but note the following:

  • All prices displayed include VAT where applicable.
  • All prices are an average of the figures given to us.
  • The turf prices include the supply and laying of turf, extra topsoil where needed and removing any waste material.
  • We’ve also calculated a price per square metre, handy if you want a quick better-than-ballpark figure for any garden.

We asked for prices for a small garden and also a larger garden; thus our figures should give you a good idea of what this work will cost.

Our Prices For 2021

Our turf price guides are below, these were updated in 2021 and reflect what landscape gardeners are currently charging consumers for this type of garden project.

Please remember that these figures are an average of the prices given to us from both small firms with few financial overheads and larger firms that obviously need to charge more.

Turf Price 1 – A Small 5m x 7m Lawn (35 Sq Metres)

The prices below are for the laying of standard turf to a 35 sq mtr lawn and include the following:

  • Remove existing growth in the garden (grasses, weeds etc).
  • Rake over the ground to remove any large stones and unwanted debris.
  • Level the ground and tread in to create a firm surface.
  • Supply and lay turf with little or no extra topsoil required.

It’s worth noting that the larger the lawn, the bigger the discount you get on the price of the turf. Smaller gardens cost more per square metre than larger ones.

London Area£550£700
South, SW and Midlands£500£650
Outer Region and North£450£550
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Turf Laying Cost 2 – A 15m x 15m Lawn (225 sq metres)

The price below is for a larger area, this time 15m x 15m, that’s 225 square metres.

A larger lawn like this is more likely to need extra topsoil and the waste disposal cost is also higher, this is reflected in the prices shown below. If you don’t need so much topsoil, the price could be lower:

London Area£1900£2200
South, SW and Midlands£1800£2000
Outer Region and North£1700£1900
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Turf Laying Price Per Square Metre Example

Here is the average price for the supply and laying of turfing in the UK.

The lower price per sq mtr is for large areas while the higher per sq mtr figure is for small yards.

Where you live in the UK also affects the price with London and the Home Counties being the most expensive areas for labour.

All areas£8.50 per metre£16 per metre
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Average Supply-Only Price in the UK

There are hundreds of turf suppliers in the UK, possibly thousands.

In 2021 we sourced prices from 30 of them.

Below you’ll find the average cost to buy turf on a “supply only” basis, that means delivered to the kerbside outside your home and inclusive of VAT.

The prices for “supply only” turf varied and were based on the quality of the turf and how much is ordered with significant discounts offered for larger projects.

If searching for prices online yourself, be aware that some suppliers add VAT and delivery costs at the end of the checkout process. The headline price isn’t always the same as the actual cost.

Cheap turf - small grdnCheap turf - large grdnBest turf - small grdnBest turf - large grdn
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These Factors Will Affect The Price

The prices shown on this page are for turf laid to a garden under particular circumstances.

The following “extras” will add to the cost of the project.

Substantial landscaping of the garden – Digging up an old lawn, turning the soil over and laying turf isn’t the most challenging project but the cost can escalate quickly if you need extra work doing such as:

  • Removal of tree roots or stumps etc.
  • The lifting and disposing of patios and paths etc.
  • A new lawn border.
  • Substantial levelling of the lawn – which depends on its current condition.

Topsoil –  Depending on your garden and the condition of the soil, you may need fresh topsoil delivered and laid onto the garden. Topsoil is also used when levelling the garden to smooth out any large holes or dips in the ground. The importance of the soil should not be underestimated as poor soil will lead to poor quality grass. The cost of topsoil delivered varies but a large bulk bags are usually upward of £100 inc vat and once spread out, one bag usually cover 30 square metres. Cheaper, lower quality soils can be used for filling in old ponds or levelling large areas while premium quality should be used on the very top where the turf is laid.

Turf type – There are many different types of turf which are created by mixing different grass varieties. Most suppliers and installers will offer turf specifically grown for shaded areas, heavy traffic areas and decorative lawns. These are often in addition to budget turf, which is a good all-rounder.

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Garden Lawn Turf Q&A

When Were These Turf Prices Published?

We sourced these turf prices in late 2020 and published this updated page in early 2021.

Which Firms provided You With Quotes For Turfing?

Most of the prices we sourced were from small, local businesses from various locations around the UK. We chose 28 of these firms to get a realistic cost of how much it costs to lay turf in the UK.

When is The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf?

The best time of year is in Spring or Autumn as the soil is warm but not too dry. 

You can lay turf in winter, but frozen conditions should be avoided.

Summer is the trickiest time to lay turf as the hot weather prevents the roots from striking into the ground. During hot summers, freshly laid turf may need watering twice a day for two weeks.

Why Are There Mushrooms Growing In My New Turf?

Mushroom spores are present in every garden and are perfectly normal. In fact, lawn mushrooms are a sign of a healthy garden.

When turf is cultivated and formed into rolls, the spores are disturbed. When the turf is laid and watered (as you do excessively after laying turf), the spores are activated and sprout mushrooms.

There is nothing you need to do, lawn mushrooms are normal and common. You are very likely to see them after laying turf, especially in autumn when the weather conditions are perfect for mushroom growth.

When Should I Cut The Lawn?

You can cut the lawn after the roots have struck into the ground so lift a corner of turf to check it doesn’t lift. The first cut should be as high as possible.

Is Turf Likely to Grow in a Garden Where Grass Seed Won't?

This is a common mistake, many gardeners lay turf in the hope that it will thrive when grass seed has previously failed.

You need to find out why the grass seed or your old lawn failed, otherwise the turf will eventually do the same.

The only advantage of turf is that you get an instant lawn. Turf is no more resistant to disease or poor growing conditions that a lawn grown from seed.


Do I Need To Feed The Turf With a Fertiliser?

While not essential, a pre-turf granular fertiliser or a liquid post-turf version can help the grass to develop and grow quickly and healthily. 

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Firms to Lay Turf?

Turf laying is bread-and-butter work for most landscape gardeners and most firms should be competent at this type of work.

The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) are recognised trade associations in the UK.

You can also use our network of tradespeople and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

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We found a local company to install our decking and are delighted with the finished product. Thank you for your pricing guides which helped us weed out some of the more expensive firms that were clearly trying to over charge us.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we advise consumers to source quotes for home improvement projects online where possible. To minimise the transmission of the virus, the number of tradespeople and sales staff entering homes should be kept to a minimum.

Experts say that consumer should get three quotes for their home improvement projects but [Quotation Check] gathered hundreds of quotes and published them online, what a great idea and time-saver!

We were quoted over three times the figure suggested in your guide so we searched around and found a more reasonable price. Your guides are excellent and saved us over £500.

A real eye-opener… now consumers have access to average prices, they can negotiate with their tradespeople from a position of strength.