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Sinks are possibly the most important feature of any kitchen, and things would get very messy and untidy without them!

Most kitchen sinks will last for years, often decades, but there are times when you may want to need to replace them:

  • For aesthetic reasons – a new kitchen sink can dramatically improve the appearance of any kitchen.
  • Practical reasons – perhaps you need a larger sink or even a double sink.
  • The existing sink is damaged – cracked, dented, or scratched sinks can usually be replaced with a like-for-like product very easily.
  • Your taps have failed, and rather than paying for new taps on an old sink; you want to get the whole lot replaced in one go.

Whatever your reasons, check out our 2021 kitchen sink installation cost guide below and let us help you get an affordable price online in minutes.

We Asked 26 Plumbers How Much They Charge to Replace a Kitchen Sink

Discover the average price below

Our goal here at Quotation Check is to source quotes from tradespeople up and down the country for home improvement projects. We then publish the average price so our visitors can get an idea of how much each project should cost.

We asked 26 plumbers how much they typically charge to replace a kitchen sink.

Most told us that the work typically takes between 1 and 3 hours and that the cost will depend on:

  • If the news sink is the same size as the original or larger.
  • If the sink is being fitted in the same location or somewhere else.
  • How much extra plumbing is needed.
  • The type of kitchen worktop it is being fitted into.

Below you’ll find the results of our findings:

Price 1 – The labour cost to replace a kitchen sink on a like-for-like basis.

Price 2 – The labour cost to replace a small kitchen sink with a bigger one.

Price 3 – Average cost of the materials, i.e., the sink, pipework, taps etc.

Price 4 – Summary.

Price 1 – Cost to Replace a Kitchen Sink Like-For Like

This is the easiest option, and assuming you’ve found a kitchen sink that is roughly the same size as the original, the work should take about an hour or so.

The price below is for the labour to:

  • Remove the existing sink and taps.
  • Install a new sink and taps supplied by the customer.

It doesn’t include the cost of disposing of the old sink or collecting the new one from the supplier so you may be charged extra for this.

London Area£125£175
South, SW and Midlands£100£150
Outer Region and North£75£100
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Price 2 – Cost to Replace a Kitchen Sink With One of a Different Size

Whether you’re having a new kitchen worktop fitted or want a bigger sink in your existing worktop, this is how much we were told the work would cost. The price includes the labour for fitting a sink and taps.

The higher price reflects the extra time it takes to cut into the worktop and install the extra pipework.

As with our first price guide, the figures below exclude the cost of waste disposal, collecting the sink from a supplier and the cost of the sink itself.

We were told that an installation like this typically takes between 2 and 3 hours, but more complex projects could take longer.

London Area£175£250
South, SW and Midlands£125£175
Outer Region and North£100£125

Price 3 – How Much a Sink Costs (Materials Only)

Below is a sample of prices for new kitchen sinks, taps and associated piping and sundries. We updated these figures in early 2021; they exclude any labour, fitting, or delivery fees.

Obviously, you’ll want to do your own research and find a sink that meets your requirements, but below you’ll find the average cost of a sink from a major supplier.

(You can, of course, find cheaper or more expensive kitchen sinks but these prices are about right for a good quality product in the mid-price range)

DescriptionAverage Price:
Stainless Steel£300

Price 4 – Summary

Based on the feedback from our chosen plumbers, this is the average price to supply and install a new kitchen sink and taps:

Labour & Materials:Typical Installation Price:
Stainless Steel£525

What is the Best Type of Kitchen Sink?

While you might be tempted to replace a kitchen with one that’s the same as the original, do consider these options:

  • Composite – these are often mistaken for cheap plastic, but they contain various materials, are durable and lightweight. Modern products look much more aesthetically pleasing than sinks from yesteryear. 
  • Stainless steel – one of the most common materials used in the construction of kitchen sinks. Affordable, lightweight and long-lasting but often look bland and dull.
  • Ceramic – heavy, expensive and easy to damage/chip but these look perfect in traditional properties and are easy to clean.
  • Cast iron – again heavy and costly but these are also popular in period properties.

Our favourite is ceramic, but that’s just our personal choice.

Also, consider motion-activated taps and whether you want a single bowl sink, a double or our preferred option; a half bowl:

One and a half bowl sink

A “one and a half” bowl by Howdens

Extra Costs to Consider

The cheapest option is to replace a kitchen sink on a like-for-like basis as there’s very little extra work involved beyond a simple swap.

If you want a larger sink, the installer will need to trim the worktop so it fits neatly, this may increase the cost slightly due to the extra time required.

If you choose a smaller sink, you’ll need to replace the worktop which will add extra to the project.

The most expensive option is to relocate the sink as a new worktop will be needed and also plenty of plumbing work for the hot/cold water and also the wastewater.

Where Can I Get a Price Online For a New Kitchen Sink?

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You’ll get a price for your new kitchen sink in no time at all:

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Kitchen Sink FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to common kitchen sink installation questions:

When Were These Prices Published?

We sourced prices for kitchen sink installations in early January 2021.

Why Are Your Kitchen Sink Prices Higher/Lower Than The Ones I've Received?

We are often asked this question.

Please bear in mind that the kitchen sink installation prices we’ve suggested are based on quotes from a sample of firms and individuals from various UK locations.

Prices fluctuate all the time, and you may find them different from the figures we have published.

Our prices are a snapshot of what a select number of plumbers and installers charge at publication time.

Do also consider that every project is different, and while some kitchen sink installations go smoothly and quickly, some take much longer and are more complicated.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Kitchen Sink?

The experts told us that it typically takes between 1-3 hours to replace and install a new kitchen sink.

Should I Replace My Taps as Well?


As you’re already paying for the labour for the taps to be installed, the only extra cost is the price of the new taps so it makes sense to replace old for new.

Which Kitchen Sink is Best For Me?

This is a great guide to choosing a kitchen sink that fits your needs: Homebuilding guide to kitchen sinks.

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