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Bathroom Prices Updated for 2021

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Our 2021 New Bathroom Cost Guide

A new bathroom suite is a perfect way to breathe life into a property and is considered by potential buyers to be the second most important room in the entire home (after the kitchen).

By installing a new bathroom, you’re also increasing the value of your property and you could get some of your investment back should you sell the home.

But How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost and What Are the Options?

Bathrooms are constructed from dozens of different parts, from the floor and wall tiles to baths, sinks and towel rails. How much you want to replace will depend on your budget, expectations and the condition of your existing suite.

On this page we’ll look at:

  • The cost to replace a bath, toilet and basin and nothing else.
  • The typical cost to replace an entire suite.
  • Where you can get a quick custom quote online from a reputable installer.

We Asked 34 Bathroom Installers to Give Us Price for a New Bathroom Suite

Discover the average bathroom price below

The best way to find out how much it really costs to replace a bathroom isn’t to ask one or two installers for a price; it’s to ask dozens of them.

And that is exactly what we did.

We got in touch with 34 bathroom installers and them to provide us with prices, below you’ll find the average of the figures given to us.

The types of businesses we contacted ranged from small one-person traders to larger firms that you’ve probably heard of.

Explore our price guides below:

Quote 1 – New Bath, Toilet and Basin

This is the cheapest option as it leaves the flooring, wall tiles and handrails etc in place. For this quote we only wanted the bath, toilet and basin replaced.

We measured our existing suite and found a new bath, toilet and basin that would fit into the existing space without the need for re-tiling or substantial pipework.

Here is the average cost given to us for a new bathroom in a three-bedroom property, displayed by location.

Be sure to read our FAQs section at the end of this page.

All Areas£1000£1400
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Quote 2 – Full Replacement of a Bathroom Suite

For this quote, we requested prices for the complete removal and replacement of the bathroom suite, which includes the supply and installation of the following:

  • New bath.
  • Basin and pedestal.
  • Toilet.
  • Floor and wall tiles.
  • Ceiling/wall paint.
  • Towel rail.
  • Loo roll holder.
  • Mirror and light with shaving power point.
  • Shelf.
  • Taps.
  • Curtain and rail.
  • Power shower to replace existing.
  • Plasterboard, timber and sealants etc.
  • Waste disposal.

As with our first quote, the project is for a three-bedroom property:

London Area£4250£5000
South, SW and Midlands£4000£4500
Outer Region and North£3250£3750
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Extra Costs to Consider

As with any project, there’s always more you could spend money on.

Our prices above do not include the cost of these optional extras:

  • Changing the bathroom layout, i.e. moving the toilet to the opposite end of the room or moving walls etc.
  • Installing a power shower with a pump where one doesn’t already exist, this will involve extra pipework and wiring.
  • Installing a shower cubicle, our prices are for a shower over a bath.
  • Replacing a radiator with a new one or a towel radiator.
  • Underfloor heating costs.
  • Extractor fans.
  • Booster pump for a power shower.
  • Windows or blinds or window curtains.
  • All of the prices on this page are for materials at the mid-price range; we didn’t choose the cheapest products but didn’t go for the most expensive either.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Very Powerful Shower?

Many of those wishing to upgrade or completely install a new bathroom will also want a power shower fitted too, but there are a few things to consider first.

If you have a combi boiler, then chances are your water pressure might not be enough to get a great blasting shower. Combi boilers work well in areas with good water pressure, but, you may get little more than a trickle in an upstairs bathroom in areas where it’s bad.

If you have a conventional boiler, you’re in luck as you can install a booster, increasing the water pressure from the cylinder to the shower.

There are downsides to conventional boilers to consider; they’re not as efficient, you need to have a cylinder tank to hold the hot water and preheat the water; you can’t get hot water on demand like you would with a combi boiler. Also, if lots of people in the home want a shower, some may have to wait for the tank to fill up again with hot water.

More details about boiler options can be found here.

As for prices, a booster pump costs around £200 while a new power shower will set back about £250. With piping, wiring and labour, expect to pay upwards of £700 for a new power shower with a booster pump. Conventional boilers and cylinders aren’t cheap but those of you with feeble water pressure and a combi boiler, they might be the only option should you desire a very powerful shower.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Bathroom?

We’ve answered questions in our FAQS section but this is a popular question so we asked all of our chosen installers how long to takes to replace a bathroom.

We were told that swapping a bath, basin and toilet should take around a day and not more than one and a half days.

A completely new bathroom suite would take six to eight days. A project that also involves relocating items such as toilets, basins, baths, radiators etc or more complex plumbing or wiring would take up to two weeks.

While it doesn’t take long to fit a typical bath, basin or toilet, it can take lots of time preparing and tiling the walls as in most cases, new plasterboard will be needed. Also, smaller projects such as fitting taps, rails, holders and shelves all take time which adds up.

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Got a Bathroom Installation Question? Try Our FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to the most common bathroom questions:

When were these prices published?

We published these new bathroom prices in early January 2021.

How can I save money?

Tiling takes up a lot of time and adds considerable costs to the project. If the original tiles can be left in place, then you can make a saving.

Another option is to only tile part of the walls by tiling only a small area near the bath and basin.

A further option is to leave the original tiles in place and tile over them, this reduces the amount of work required.

Vinyl flooring is cheaper than tiles and quicker to install as well.

You can keep costs down by replacing items on a like-for-like basis and keeping them in the same location, thus avoiding new extensive plumbing, tiling or wiring etc.

Will a new bathroom increase the value of my home?

The two most important rooms in any house are the kitchen and the bathroom, these are also the most expensive to renovate so yes, a new quality bathroom can increase the value of the property.

Also, consider that some buyers prefer a shower to a bath (and vice versa) so having a quality power shower, preferably with high pressure, is a bonus and good selling point.

According to Property Price Advice, a typical new bathroom installation can increase the home’s value by between 3-5%.

What's the difference between a power shower and a mixer?

A manual or digital mixer doesn’t increase the water pressure but instead mixes hot and cold water.

A power shower uses a pump to pull water from the hot water cylinder, mixes it with cold water and increases the pressure, so you get a powerful showering experience.

A power shower can’t normally be used with a combi-boiler as a combi heats water instantly but provides a limited flow rate. Power showers pull water from hot water cylinders, and combi boilers don’t normally have them.

Do I need an extractor fan?

You do unless you want to open the window to get rid of steam and moisture, which might not be great in the winter!

You should definitely have a fan fitted if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows.

Do I need to notify my council when I replace my bathroom?

Any electrical work in certain zones, such as those where water is present, are notifiable.

Any registered electricians that are contracted by you or your bathroom installer will be able to handle this for you and will factor this into the cost.

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