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A Look at Radiator Installation Prices in 2021

Removing, relocating and even installing new radiators is bread and butter work for plumbers. You might be surprised how quickly the work can be completed when an experienced tradesperson is on the job.

Whether you need a radiator temporarily removed for redecorating, a permanent relocation, a replacement or a simply a new radiator, check out our price guide below.

Our radiator prices are based on real prices from plumbers up and down the country, and once you know the average cost to fit a radiator, we can help you get a custom quote online in minutes.

We Asked 38 Plumbers To Give Us Prices For Fitting Radiators

Keep reading to discover the average price

Consumer protection groups and experts suggest that consumers get at least three quotes from tradespeople, but we took things a little further.

In 2021 we asked 38 plumbers to provide us with prices to remove, relocate, and install radiators to a property in the UK.

Most of the firms we contacted were smaller traders and medium-sized businesses; we deliberately stayed away from the larger national firms as most of the projects were small jobs.

Most poeple haven’t a clue how much it costs to fit a radiator, so use our research below to get a handle on how much this type of work costs. This is great for budgeting and can help you avoid firms that overcharge.

We can also help you get a custom quote from a vetted, rated and reviewed plumber.

Quote 1 – Temporarily Remove Radiators

We were planning some redecorating and asked 38 plumbers how much they would charge to temporarily remove and then refit 7 radiators.

We wanted to paint the walls behind the radiators and also rub down and paint both sides of the radiators. The only part we weren’t comfortable with was the removing and refitting of them.

Here’s how the works process:

  • Drain the system.
  • Isolate, remove and set aside 7 radiators.
  • On the return visit reinstall the 7 radiators.
  • Fill the system with water and rust inhibitor.
  • Check the radiators for leaks.

Below you’ll find the average price taken from the 38 responses. The prices were higher than we expected but it’s worth remembering that two visits to the property are required.

London Area£350£475
South, SW and Midlands£300£400
Outer Region and North£200£275
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Quote 2 – Replace a Radiator on a Like-For-Like Basis

For this project we wanted a radiator replaced on a like-for-like basis or with a very similar radiator.

Common reasons for this type of work are:

  • The old radiator is leaking or blocked with rust/sludge etc.
  • You want to swap a single radiator for a slightly wider double radiator that produces more heat.
  • You don’t like the style of the original radiator.

The prices below are an average of the figures given to us but assume that the radiator is very similar to the original one.

This price is for the labour only, but you can easily measure your radiator and find prices for new radiators here.

London Area£125£200
South, SW and Midlands£80£120
Outer Region and North£40£90
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Quote 3 – Move a Radiator

Moving a radiator involves some extra pipework but is still bread-and-butter work for plumbers.

The additional cost is because of the extra work involved which often means lifting floorboards, running new pipes behind plasterboard or running them along the wall.

Common reasons for this type of job are:

  • Just not being happy with the location of the existing radiator.
  • Due to an extension or alteration to the property.

The prices below don’t include the cost of a new radiator but include the cost of any pipework involved with the project.

London Area£275£375
South, SW and Midlands£200£300
Outer Region and North£175£250
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Quote 4 – Cost to Fit a New Radiator in a New Location

Below you’ll find the cost to install a new radiator.

The prices don’t include the cost of the radiator, but we’ve listed the best places online to check radiator prices here.

The prices do include the cost of the labour and piping etc.

Common reasons for wanting a new radiator installed are:

  • You want more heat as you’re finding a particular room very cold.
  • You would like a different radiator perhaps a vertical radiator to maximise space or a stylish radiator for aesthetic purposes.

This type of project will usually involve quite a bit of extra pipework and possibly the lifting of floorboards etc. This means the project will cost more than replacing a radiator on a like-for-like basis.

London Area£325£450
South, SW and Midlands£275£350
Outer Region and North£200£250
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Have You Considered Underfloor Heating?

If you would like some extra warmth in a certain room, perhaps a bedroom, bathroom or living room, check out our guide to underfloor heating prices here.

What’s Not Included in Our Prices (Including Some Things You’ll Probably Want)

Every project is different and as we’re sure you’re aware, it’s difficult to provide a price without seeing the property but here some “extras” that you may need to budget for:

The radiators themselves – from cheap £40 B&Q radiators to bespoke designs costing thousands, we haven’t included the cost of the radiators in our prices, just the labour and other parts such as pipes.

Thermostatic radiator valves – great for regulating the temperature in individual rooms for customisation as also energy saving. Expect to pay an extra £20-£60 per valve fitted although cheaper products can be fitted for those on a tight budget. More expensive smart valves cost upwards of £75 fitted but usually require a compatible smart thermostat.

Rust inhibitor – plumbers can often replace radiators without draining the water from the system. Larger projects though will require a complete drain down and when the work is completed, the new water will need topping up with a rust inhibitor such as this.

Boxing in – radiator pipes are usually hidden under the floorboards or if you have a solid floor, behind the plasterboard. Should the plumber need to run new pipes along a wall, it may require boxing in with plasterboard for aesthetic purposes, this will obviously cost more in materials and labour.

Powerflushing and magnetic filters – when your plumber works on a radiator, you may find that it’s full of rust and sludge. You may even be given a separate quote to powerflush (clean) the inside of the pipes and radiators. Check out our power flushing cost guide which reveals how much a magnetic filter costs.

Best Place to Buy Radiators Online

As most of the visitors to this page will be researching how much it costs to replace, fit or move a radiator, we’ve also listed what we think are the best places to buy the radiators and check prices:

B&Q and Wickes – the best places for cheap run-of-the-mill radiators.

Surprisingly, Amazon lists plenty of radiators, is a great place to find prices and a key selling point at the moment is that they offer fast, free and often next day delivery.

We’ve previously purchased products from Only Radiators and we were pleased with the product and service. There’s plenty of radiators to choose from on their site too.

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We hope you found our guide to radiator fitting costs insightful.

Please bear in mind that the prices on this page are an average of the quotes given to us from 38 plumbers.

The prices you’re given could be different as no two radiator jobs are ever the same.

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Got a Radiator Question? Try Our FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to common radiator questions:

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Radiator?

The average time for a like-for-like replacement is about an hour, maybe a little longer. This includes the following:

  • Isolating the radiator
  • Draining it down.
  • Removing the radiator and bracket.
  • Installing the new bracket and radiator.
  • Installing valves and connection to the pipes.
  • Bleeding all the radiators in the house to remove trapped air.

The plumber may also wish to top up the rust inhibitor in the system.

Obviously, a like-for-like replacement is the easiest type of radiator installation as no or little pipework is required, unlike radiator relocations or new radiators in a new location.

If you have a solid concrete floor with radiator pipes coming up through the floor, the project may take longer as it can be difficult to remove the radiator without bending and damaging the pipes.

You may like this video from Plumber Parts:

When Were These Prices Updated?

We sourced these prices for moving, replacing and installing radiators in late December 2020 and early January 2021.

I've Been Told That My System Needs to Be Powerflushed. Is This Really Necessary?

Central heating systems should be flushed every 10 years or so to remove sludge and rust which can block the system, reduce efficiency and put stress on the pump and boiler.

There is however a difference between flushing and powerflushing.

Flushing – the plumber empties the water from the radiators and pipes, fills the system and then drains again, this process can be completed several times. Finally, the system is filled again and a rust inhibitor is added to protect the pipes and radiators.

Powerflushing – cleaning chemicals are forced through the pipes and radiators at a high pressure to remove rust and sludge caked onto the insides of the pipes and radiators.

It’s generally good practice to fully drain and refill the system after a radiator is moved, replaced or installed but depends on the age of the system and when it was last flushed or powerflushed.

Our guide to powerflushing prices is worth a read if you’ve been advised to powerflush your system.

The image below shows what can happen if you don’t put a rust inhibitor into the system or flush it periodically.

Blocked central heating system in need of powerflushing


How Many Extra Radiators Can I Install in My Home?

This will depend on the power output of the boiler and also the strength of the pump.

Most systems can cope with an extra radiator or two but if you add lots of radiators and/or increase the size of all your existing radiators, you may need to upgrade the pump and boiler.

A heating engineer or qualified plumber can advise you of your options.

Submit details of your project here, get advice and source a free quote for your job.

What is the Best Time of Year to Replace, Move or Install a Radiator?

You might be surprised at how quiet some plumbers can be in the summer. During warmer weather, fewer of us switch our heating on. However, come winter, almost all of us use our heating, and more leaks and problems are found, thus plumbers are generally busier in the winter.

If you can pre-plan your project, try to have the work done in the summer or at least when it’s not freezing outside as you may find local plumbers are fully booked.

Where Does The Sludge in Radiators Come From and How Can I Stop It Coming Back?

The sludge that cakes the inside of radiators and pipes is a mixture of metals from corroding pipes and scale from the system’s water.

You can stop this buildup by:

  • Getting your heating system checked for leaks; as when oxygen enters the pipework or radiators, it accelerates the corrosion.
  • Bleeding the radiators every now and again to remove air.
  • Ensuring the central heating water is mixed with an inhibitor that stops rust – see this product as an example.
  • Getting a magnetic filter fitted as they collect metal fragments before they block the system.

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