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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Roof Gutters?

Roof gutters usually last for decades and apart from occasional cleaning and unblocking, they shouldn’t require too much maintenance.

However, when gutters fail, they can cause all sorts of problems such as:

  • Rot and damage to fascias and soffits as well as roof timbers.
  • Damp patches and mould on exterior walls.
  • Water ingress into the home.

If your guttering is less than 15 years old, you might be able to repair it rather than replace the whole lot, but for gutters older than this, a full replacement is often the best option.

Explore our recently updated price guide where you’ll discover:

  • The cost to replace guttering with new Upvc plastic.
  • Three example prices.
  • An approximate price per metre (great for budgeting).
  • A few scenarios where you might need to pay more than the average price.

We Asked 28 Roof Gutter Installers How Much They Charge

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We contacted 28 roofers and guttering companies and asked for prices to replace the guttering on a house.

We received lots of quotes and estimates in return and below you’ll find a “works schedule” we’ve created that’s based on the paperwork given to us:

  • Erect platform access towers to the roof edge.
  • Remove the existing roof guttering.
  • Remove the existing rainwater pipes.
  • Check underground rainwater drainage pipe for blockages, advise the customer if the drain needs to be jetted.
  • Supply and install new Upvc plastic guttering ensuring all rainwater flows freely to the outlets and doesn’t pool in the gutter.
  • Supply and install new Upvc plastic rainwater pipes to connect the gutters to the drain at ground level.
  • Water test guttering.
  • Lower platform access tower and remove all waste from the site.
Blocked roof gutters

A thoroughly blocked roof gutter. Does it need replacing or perhaps just cleaning and unblocking?

Price 1 – Guttering to an End of Terrace House

This is a straightforward project; remove the guttering and pipes to the front and rear of the house and a short 2-metre section to a front porch. There are 16 metres of guttering in total and 3 rainwater downpipes.

We expect this type of project to take no more than a morning provided there are no issues accessing the roof.

The prices below are an average of the figures given to us by our chosen 28 installers; they include materials for either semi-circular or square guttering, labour and VAT if it was charged.

London Area£400£600
South, SW and Midlands£350£550
Outer Region and North£250£450
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Price 2 – Replacement Guttering to a Detached House W/Garage

For this project, we wanted to know the cost to replace the guttering on a 3-bed detached house.

Here are the specifics:

  • Approx 30 metres of guttering.
  • Front and rear of the house upper elevation.
  • Large porch.
  • Garage.

As with our first project, there are no access issues, and the installer can easily reach the guttering with ladders and/or platform towers.

The gutter installation prices below are an average of the figures given to us:

London Area£800£1000
South, SW and Midlands£700£900
Outer Region and North£550£650
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Cost to Replace Guttering Per Metre

Per linear metre is pricing is somewhat inaccurate as every project is different and there are scenarios where the installer needs to charge more (see further down this page), but for straightforward gutter replacement projects with Upvc plastic semi-circular or square guttering, we think the approximate price per metre is:

Small Property£32 per mtr£36 per mtr
Large Property£24 per mtr£28 per mtr
V Large Property£22 per mtr£24 per mtr
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How Much Do the Materials Cost?

A typical detached house has around 30 metres of roof guttering and here’s a breakdown of the cost to buy the guttering from a supplier:

8 x 4m lengths of gutter – £75.00

40 x support brackets – £25.00

6 x joints – £10.00

8 x end caps – £10.00

4 x outlets – £10.00

2 x 5.5m rainwater pipes – £25.00

2 x 2.5m rainwater pipes – £10.00

10 x support brackets – £25.00

8 x bends – £10.00

4 x connectors – £10.00

Sundries – £10.00

Total Cost: £220 (Prices from Eurocell Feb 2021)

Expect to Pay More If…

We think our guide to the cost of replacing guttering is an accurate way to estimate how much a project like this will cost but expect to pay more if:

  • Your installer requires professionally erected scaffold, perhaps to bridge over a large conservatory, reach gutters on a townhouse or for similar reasons.
  • Our prices are for standard Upvc plastic guttering, either black, white, brown or grey in square or semi-circular profile. Expect to pay more if you would like a higher capacity system or a non-standard profile such as ogee.
  • Cast iron or aluminium gutters will cost much more than Upvc plastic.
  • If your fascia boards are made from timber, they may require repainting or at least some attention at extra cost.
  • Your rainwater drains are blocked and require jetting.
  • Your rainwater soakaway is blocked and needs replacing.
  • You would like or need a gutter leaf guard installed.

Also consider that if your existing roofline is rotten or in need of painting, it might be worthwhile replacing the whole lot with Upvc plastic. See our guide to the cost of roofline Upvc fascias, soffits and gutters here.

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New Guttering

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New Guttering Q&A

When Were These Gutter Prices Published?

We sourced these guttering prices in early 2021 and published this page in February 2021.

Which Companies Supplied You With The Prices For New Roof Guttering?

28 firms from around the UK volunteered prices to us. They were an even mix of roofers, gutter firms and roofline installers. 

We sourced the prices for the materials from Eurocell

How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned and Unblocked

As a very general rule of thumb, gutter unblocking should be done every:

  • 2  years for homes with no trees nearby or moss on the roof.
  • 1 year for properties with a mossy roof or trees nearby.
  • Twice a year for homes under pine trees as the needles block everything, including gutter guards and meshes etc.

Gutter cleaning, i.e. cleaning the exterior of the gutters, is something that may only need to be done every few years, it varies from house to house. White gutters may need cleaning more often.

What Colour Options are There For New Guttering?

White, brown, black and grey are the most popular colours. 

Do Gutter Leaf Guards Work? Are They Worth the Cost?

Most gutter guards work well at keeping large leaves out of the gutters, but themselves may become blocked with moss and pine needles.

If you have a gutter with a leaf guard product in place and it becomes blocked, you’ll pay more for the guard to be removed, cleaned and refitted.

If you have lots of moss on your roof and it’s this that’s blocking your gutters, consider having the roof demossed.

My Gutters Overflow When It's Raining, What Can Be Done to Fix This?

You have a few options:

  • Check that the guttering, rainwater pipe or rainwater drain isn’t blocked.
  • Double-check that no parts have come loose.
  • Check that rainwater in the guttering is flowing in the right direction (towards, not away from, the pipe).
  • Consider upgrading to a higher capacity gutter. Semi-circular gutter holds the least amount of water, square gutters hold about 30% more water while Deepflow and ogee gutters hold substantially more. Adapters are widely available so you can easily connect your new gutter to a neighbours system, even if its a completely different shape and size.
How Long Does it Take to Install New Guttering?

Assuming the work can be completed from ladders or access platforms:

Terraced house front and back + porch – 3-5 hours.

Semi-detached w/porch + garage – 4- 6 hours.

Detached house, w/porch and garage etc – 1 day.

Allow extra time for parts of the roof that are difficult to access, gutter guard installation, drain unblocking, Upvc roofline cleaning, timber fascia repairs/touchup painting etc.

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Guttering Installers?

You can use our network of tradespeople and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

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