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Roof Repair Price Guide [2021]

Updated Repair Prices For 2021

8 Realistic Examples

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Part of Our Roofing Series

A Look at Common Roof Problems and Prices

If you’re looking for a guideline price for the repair of a damaged or leaking roof, you’ve come to the right place.

As a general rule of thumb; if a roof has failed due to mild or moderate damage, it can almost always be repaired.

Felt that’s damaged from a falling tree branch or missing tiles that were blown off in the wind are just two examples of when a repair is possible.

However, do consider that some roofs are just so old that they’ve reached the end of their serviceable life and a replacement would be the best option.

Below you’ll find 8 example prices for common roof problems. These are the types of repairs that roofers carry out every day in the UK, you know; their “bread and butter” type of work.

Here’s the list:

  1. Replace a small number of broken or missing tiles to one section of a roof.
  2. Replace a larger number of tiles to multiple areas of a roof.
  3. Replace 10 broken slates on a roof.
  4. Re-cement missing/loose tiles to a ridge.
  5. Re-cement missing/loose tiles to a verge.
  6. Re-cement missing/loose tiles to a valley.
  7. The cost to repair a leaky flat roof.
  8. The cost to repair a leaking gutter.

Where Did These Figures Come From?

We contacted over two dozen roofing and guttering firms in the UK and asked them for prices.

The figures displayed below are an average of prices given to us.

Obviously larger firms and those located in or near to London were more expensive than smaller businesses and those located further north, hence the two prices for each project.

Just choose a repair project that closely matches your situation, we’ve provided a photo next to each project for clarification:

Price 1 – Replace a Small Number of Tiles

For this project we wanted a small number of concrete roof tiles (no more than five) replaced.

The roof was very typical for the UK; a simple “up and over” design where the roofer can easily gain access safely via an access tower.

See our suggested roof repair prices and a photos below:

One broken roof tile

A typical broken roof tile

Up and over roof

A typical up-and-over roof

London Area£175£225
South, SW and Midlands£150£200
Outer Region and North£100£150
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Project 2 – Replace More Tiles Located In Several Locations on a Roof

Replacing a handful of tiles in one location on a roof is, in most cases, a straight-forward project. Things get a little more problematic when there are broken tiles at several locations; more access equipment is needed, and the work takes longer.

Here is a guideline price for replacing up to 30 concrete tiles located at various places on a more complex roof.

Broken roof tiles

Another example of broken roof tiles

Roof and gutters

A complex roof design meaning access is more problematic and costly

London Area£450£550
South, SW and Midlands£400£500
Outer Region and North£275£325
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Project 3 – Cost to Replace Slates on a Roof

Slate roofs are almost always steeper and more slippery than concrete tiles and the slates can be more difficult to remove and replace.

Here is our guide to the cost of replacing around 5 or so broken slates on a typical “up and over” roof.

Slate roof

A typical slate roof. Image from Slate UK.

London Area£300£400
South, SW and Midlands£250£300
Outer Region and North£175£225
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Project 4 – Cost to Repair Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles are often cemented in place and are prone to wind-induced lift that can blow them off the roof.

The last ridge tile at the side of the house is the usual culprit but if the cement has deteriorated, the entire length may need re-bedding onto cement.

Slate roof

Loose ridge tiles and missing cement

Slate roof

Loose ridge tiles removed and about to be re-bedded onto cement

Ridge tiles

Ridge tiles being re-bedded onto cement

London Area£400£600
South, SW and Midlands£350£500
Outer Region and North£300£400
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Project 5 – Cost to Replace Cemented Tiles on a Verge

Verges, also known as gables or apexes, contain tiles that are often cemented in place. These can be problematic to remove without disturbing the remaining cemented tiles. It’s normally considered best practice to lift all the tiles and re-bed them onto cement, even if there are only one or two broken.

A project like this usually requires access equipment such as platform towers and shouldn’t be competed from ladders due to health and safety rules.

Below is a guideline price to replace any broken tiles to one half of a gable/apex/verge and re-cement all the tiles on the one side.

Roof verge

Due to the overlapping nature of these tiles, it’s difficult to replace one tile without breaking the concrete. A full replacement of the entire length is often required.

London Area£450£650
South, SW and Midlands£400£550
Outer Region and North£300£350
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Project 6 – Cost to Replace Cemented Tiles in a Valley

Roof valleys are prone to leaking; two aspects of a roof force water into a valley where it often gushes downwards towards the guttering. Subject to such a high flow of water, valley leaks can be severe and damaging.

As with ridge and verges, these tiles are often cemented together, making it more difficult to remove them without disturbing the cement.

Below is a price guide to replace a few slipped or broken tiles in a typical valley and a separate price to strip out a 4-metre valley and replace it completely.

Roof valley

A typical valley with a fibreglass base. Broken tiles here can usually be replaced.

Roof valley with concrete roof tiles

Note the water marks on the wall beneath the valley. This valley has a concrete base and these are prone to leaking. A full replacement with fibreglass would be the best option.

Up to 5 tiles£300£650
Replace 4-metre valley£550£1000
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Project 7 – Cost to Repair a Leaking Flat Roof

This type of roof can be made from fibreglass, rubber, bitumen or asphalt, and all can repaired given the right conditions.

Because flat roofs are flat (or very close to being flat), they tend to hold more water than a sloped roof. As rainwater doesn’t run off so quickly, any holes in the roof can lead to damaging water ingress. Even a small pinhole can result in significant damage to the roof timbers and even the ceiling.

The big question is; can the roof be repaired or is the damage due to age and overall deterioration?

If the damage is caused by a falling branch or similar, then a repair could be possible, but if the damage is age-related, you may need to replace the whole flat roof, which might be cheaper than you think.

Either way, explore our guide to flat roof repairs and replacements.

Project 8 – Cost to Repair Gutters

Gutters often leak and it’s usually down to one of these reasons:

Finally, we get to repairs:

Most homes in the UK have Upvc gutters and these are manufactured in 4-metre lengths. That means most homes have lots of gutter joints which are prone to leaking.

The good news is that these parts are cheap and easy to buy and in many cases, can be fitted quickly.

Below is a price guide to replace a gutter part such as the troublesome joint, clean gutters and realign a poorly installed gutter length.

(These prices are for separate jobs, assume that they will cost less if you have more than one done at the same time)

Gutter unblocking£3 per metre£5 per metre
Gutter unblocking and exterior cleaning£4 per metre£6 per metre
Replace a single leaking gutter part£75£125
Replace plastic guttering to an entire house£22 per metre£36 per metre
Realign 8 metres of guttering£150£250
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The purpose of this guide is to provide you with details about common roof repair projects and how much they cost. There are a few caveats to bear in mind:

Access equipment – All of the projects listed on this page can be completed from access equipment that most roofing firms carry in their vans, but if your roofer cannot access the roof, an external scaffold company may need to be hired. The cost of scaffold hire can sometimes be more than the cost of the repair, so bear this in mind.

The type of materials your roof is constructed from – Plastic gutter parts are cheap, but cast iron is expensive, standard concrete tiles only cost a couple of pounds each while French clay tiles may need to be imported. Our prices are for the most common types of repair using readily-available and off-the-shelf parts.

Whether your roof can be repaired at all – Not all damage can be repaired, sometimes a partial or full roof replacement is the best option. Roof valleys are a good example of this, as are old flat roofs that are falling apart.

The type of business you get prices from – We sourced prices from one-person traders, small firms, and larger firms, the difference in price between them was huge. Needless to say, a small firm or one-person business might be able to charge you £50 to replace a leaky gutter joint while a larger firm will charge more and possibly a lot more. Our prices are just an average of the figures provided to us by a selection firms and traders in the UK.

Additional or unexpected extra repair work – Tiles can remain broken for a long time before being noticed, this can lead to all sorts of hidden damage to felts, roof timbers and the like. You may need to pay extra for the repair or replacement of roof timbers, felt or even ceilings once your roofer has removed the tiles and inspected the hidden area.

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Roof Repair Q&A

When Were These Roof Repair Prices Published?

We sourced these prices for roof repairs in early 2021 and published this page in February 2021.

Which Companies Supplied You With These Prices?

We selected over 30 businesses large and small from various places around the UK and asked for prices to repair various roof faults.

How Accurate Are The Roof Repair Prices On This Page?

The prices are an average of the figures given to us for very specific but common roof repair projects in the UK.

Do The Prices Include VAT, Labour and Materials etc?

The prices for the various roof repairs listed on this page include VAT when charged, all labour, materials and standard access equipment that doesn’t need to be hired from a professional scaffolding firm.

How Much Extra Would a Roof Repair Project Cost if Scaffolding is Required?

Try our scaffold cost guide page where we explain how much scaffolding costs to hire for various projects.

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Roof?

Use this as a rough guide:

  • Replace 1-5 concrete tiles – 1-2 hours.
  • Replace up to 30 tiles in various locations on a roof – half a day.
  • Recement one length of ridge tiles on a typical house – half a day.
  • Recement one gable end (both sides) – half a day.
  • Replace a 4-metre roof valley and recement the tiles – half a day.
  • Replace 1-5 leaking gutter parts – 1-2 hours.
  • Replace a 10-metre section of guttering – 1-2 hours.
How Long Does it Take to Install New Guttering?

Assuming the work can be completed from ladders or access platforms:

Terraced house front and back + porch – 3-5 hours.

Semi-detached w/porch + garage – 4- 6 hours.

Detached house, w/porch and garage etc – 1 day.

Allow extra time for parts of the roof that are difficult to access, gutter guard installation, drain unblocking, Upvc roofline cleaning, timber fascia repairs/touchup painting etc.

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Roofing Firms?

You can use our network of tradespeople and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

For larger projects such as reroofs, try the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.

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