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Do you want to know how much double glazing windows cost in the UK?

New windows can save energy, improve the appearance of your property and make your home more secure.

But how much does it cost to get a professional installer to fit double glazing windows?

On this page, we’ll look at:

  • The cost of double glazing windows (both white and brown) to a typical 3-bed property with 8 windows.
  • A look at prices for a larger 4-bed home with 12 windows.
  • How much a new front door will cost and your options.
  • A rough guide to how much each double glazing window costs to buy and install (great if you want a ballpark figure).

We Asked 32 Installers How Much Double Glazing Costs

See an average of their prices and get your custom quote

We asked 32 window installers from around the UK how much they charge for fitting new double glazing windows.

Project 1 – The cost to fit 8 white framed double glazing windows to a 3-bed home.

Project 1b – As above but with brown windows frames instead of white.

Project 2a – 12 white double glazing windows to a larger 4-bed property.

Project 2b – As above but with brown framed instead of white.

Project 3 – The cost to replace a single large bay window with 5 sides in white or brown.

Project 4 – Front door options and prices.

Project 5 – A ballpark figure for the installation per window.

We can also help you source competitive quotes online from rated and reviewed local window installers.

Project 1a – Cost to Install 8 White Double Glazing Windows

32 of the firms we contacted provided us with prices to install 8 white framed double glazed windows.

Below you’ll find the average price, which you can use as a guide.

The figures include:

  • Removal of the existing windows.
  • Installation of the new Upvc plastic-framed double glazed window.
  • Finishing off the internal and external wall to leave a neat finish.
  • Any beading or trims.
  • The disposal of the old windows.
  • VAT.
  • Certificate for your records so if you were to sell the home, you could prove a registered Competent Person completed the work.
Double glazing window
London Area£4250£4500
South, SW and Midlands£4000£4250
Outer Region and North£3500£3750

Project 1b – Cost to Install Double Glazed Windows With a Brown Frame

This project is exactly the same as the first, except we asked for windows with a brown frame to be fitted instead.

Brown frames are available in Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany colours. They cost more to manufacture than standard white windows, but the cost of labour to install them is the same.

This price below is for 8 windows to a 3-bed property and is an average of the figures given to us.

Brown windows
London Area£5000£5250
South, SW and Midlands£4600£4800
Outer Region and North£4000£4250

Project 2a – Cost to Install 12 White Double Glazed Windows to a 4-bed Home

We had access to a larger 4-bed property, so we asked our chosen installers to provide us with prices to install 12 white double glazed windows.

Some of these windows were small, such as those on the landing, in the porch, and in the downstairs lavatory; the rest were windows of a standard size.

As with our first property, there were no access issues, and the installer could easily reach the windows without the need for heavy-duty scaffolding.

London Area£6250£6500
South, SW and Midlands£5800£6000
Outer Region and North£5250£5500

Project 2b – Cost to Install 12 Brown Double Glazed Windows to a 4-bed Home

This project is exactly the same as the previous but we instead asked for brown frames instead of white.

London Area£7250£7750
South, SW and Midlands£6800£7200
Outer Region and North£6000£6500

Project 3 – Cost to Replace a Bay Window With Double Glazing

Bay windows cost more to manufacture, have more panes of glass and are more tricky and time-consuming for the installer to fit.

As we had access to a property with a 5-sided bay window, this was a good opportunity to source prices for its replacement with a Upvc double glazed unit.

The prices below are for both white and brown framed windows and include everything you would expect in a typical installation; the window, labour, waste disposal and VAT etc.

The cost of a new double glazed bay window isn’t just determined by the number of sides but also by its length and height, which varies. The figure below is for a standard bay window, but yours could cost more or less than this.

Bay window double glazing
White frame£1800£2200
Brown frame£2200£2600

Project 4 – Cost to Replace a Front Door

Many customers choose to replace their front door along with the windows, but we decided to price this separately so you can see how much it typically costs.

The two most popular door options are plastic and composite.

If you don’t know the difference between the two, this is an excellent read, but in a nutshell, composite doors are thicker, more secure, less likely to warp, stop more noise and keep more heat in.

The prices below are an average of the figures provided to us and include the door, installation, VAT, waste disposal etc.

Composite door
Upvc White Front Door£650£850
Upvc Brown Front Door£800£1000
Composite White Front Door£950£1150
Composite Brown Front Door£1050£1250

Average Cost to Replace a Window With Upvc Double Glazing

Based on the figures given to us, we can calculate the average cost to replace a window with a Upvc double glazed unit.

You’ll need to adjust this figure based upon where you live and the size, type and colour of the window you want to be installed.

This figure is great for getting a ballpark price for the fitting of double glazed windows but don’t forget that the cost per window becomes cheaper if you have lots of windows installed.

Average double glazed window cost (white)£485
Average double glazed window cost (brown)£565

Extra Costs to Consider

No two projects are ever the same, and when it comes to replacing windows, there are situations when you may find it costs more than the prices we have suggested.

Access – The installers we contacted could easily access the windows at our houses as there weren’t any obstacles such as conservatives or extensions. Tall structures such as flats and townhouses can also be problematic as scaffold will also be required, adding to the cost.

Sliding & Bifold DoorsSee how much patio doors cost here.

Window Type – We chose standard casement windows, but sash windows or tilt-and-turn windows cost more to manufacture.

Leaded Windows – Windows with lead strips vertically and horizontally will cost around 20% more than standard plain windows.

Georgian Bars – Similar to leaded windows but made from plastic, these also cost more, usually around 15% extra per window.

Security – Windows can be made with several different locking mechanisms, and we chose the basic option. If you live in a high crime area or are just concerned about security, you can upgrade the openers to ones with better locks.

Extra openers – The more window openers you have, the more the windows will cost as there’s extra handles and locking mechanisms to fit onto each window.

Non-standard Colours – White window frames are the cheapest option as they’re mass-produced. Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood colours cost more while custom colours such as grey cost much more.

Secondary Glazing – This type of window shouldn’t be confused with double glazing. Secondary glazing is a separate panel of glass that’s fitted a few inches in front of your existing windows and is popular with shift workers who need to sleep during the day as it has sound-proofing qualities. See how much secondary glazing costs here.

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Double Glazing FAQs

When Were These Double Glazing Prices Published?

We sourced prices for double glazed windows in early 2021 and published this guide in March 2021.

Do The Prices on This Page Include VAT?


All of the firms we contacted were VAT registered, and we’ve included the cost of this tax in our figures.

I've Been Given a Prices That are Much Higher Than Your Figures, Why is This?

Our prices are an average of the figures given to us by installers for a specific window installation project.

You may be given different prices because:

  • Your project is different from ours.
  • You choose firms that price their jobs at the upper or lower end of the price range (our displayed prices are averages).
  • You may live in an area where we didn’t source prices from.

Remember that our prices for double glazing windows are meant as a guide only.

To get a custom price, try Rated People.

Which Businesses Supplied the Prices?

32 window installers provided us with prices. They were from various locations around the UK and were both local and national type businesses.

How Long Does it Take to Install Double Glazing Windows?

The removal of an old window and installation of a typical double glazing unit will take between 1 and 2 hours.

Bay windows, roof (Velux) windows and other non-standard windows will take longer.

The installation of double glazed windows to an entire house will take:

2-bed home: Approximately a day.

3-bed home: Between 1 and 1.5 days.

4-bed home: Between 2 and 3 days.

Is Triple Glazing Worth the Extra Cost?

Triple glazing prevents condensation on the windows and blocks even more noise, so it is perfect for those that need to sleep when there’s noise outside.

These windows are even more thermally efficient and can help to lower heating bills further.

Do New Double Glazing Windows Increase House Value?

This depends on what windows you currently have on the property.

If you already have double glazed windows, replacing them with new windows won’t do much to the property’s value. Some buyers steer clear of homes that have single-pane windows, so upgrading from single to double glazing can increase the value of your home.

There is no evidence that triple glazing increasing the value of a property more than double glazing. Still, by choosing triple glazing, you would be future-proofing your home against any new regulations or standards.

What are the Best Window Options for Soundproofing?

The best way to soundproof a window is to install triple glazing with a secondary glazing panel in front of it. You’ll lose some space on the internal sill, but with four panes of glass, you’ll hear less noise in the room.

We also recommend cavity wall insulation to block direct sounds and extra loft and even floor insulation to block flanking noise.

How Much Do Aluminium Double Glazed Windows Cost?

We didn’t source prices for aluminium or timber-framed windows but we know from experience that aluminium windows cost around 50-75% more than Upvc windows.

Timber-framed windows will likely cost at least double and potentially much more, depending on the type of wood used in the construction.

Why Are White Framed Windows Cheaper Than Brown Ones?

All windows are made from white plastic, and the brown “woodgrain” effect finish is an additional layer added to the surface.

This extra material and the added time it takes to produce the window increases the cost.

The labour cost of installing white and brown windows is the same.

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