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Sliding patio doors are perfect for airing a hot, stuffy room in the middle of summer and allowing a flood of light in during the winter months while keeping the cold out.

Bifold doors offer even more versatility; open just one panel for practical access or fold the entire door out of the way and blur the lines between your home and garden.

But how much do bifold and sliding doors cost to replace?

How much does it cost to widen the opening so the wall can be opened up for a larger patio door?

Keep reading to see how much sliding and bifold patio doors cost.


We Asked 32 Installers How Much New Patio Doors Cost

See an average of their prices and get your custom quote

We asked 32 installers from around the UK how much they think new patio doors cost to install.

The prices we received were for specific projects and you can use our prices as a guide to how much this type of work costs.

Project 1 – Replace a sliding patio door with a new one on a like-for-like basis.

Project 2 – Replace a sliding patio door with a bifold door.

Project 3 – Remove the existing sliding patio door, widen the opening by removing part of the wall and install a wider bifold door.

Project 1 – Cost to Replace a Sliding Patio Door

New patio doors are often installed along with new windows and front doors, but we requested prices for just the patio door.

We wanted our existing sliding patio door replaced with a new one to match the style of our new double glazing windows.

The existing door is to be removed and disposed of, and then the new door fitted – a simple project.

The prices below are an average of the figures given to us by the 32 installers and include:

  • 2.4m wide sliding door (we chose a mid-range product, not the cheapest but not the most expensive either).
  • Labour.
  • Waste disposal.
  • VAT.

This project is a straight swap and doesn’t include the cost of widening the opening or removing walls etc.

We requested prices for a Upvc door in white and a separate price for a coloured frame.

Below you can see an average of the prices we received:

Sliding patio door
London Area£1000/£1300£1200/£1500White/Coloured Upvc
South, SW and Midlands£950/£1150£1150/£1350White/Coloured Upvc
North and Outer Regions£800/£1000£1000/£1200White/Coloured Upvc

Project 2 – Cost to Install a Bifold Door

We asked for prices to remove and dispose of an old sliding patio door and install a new bifold door.

The existing sliding door’s width is 3m, and the new bifold door will be the same. We aren’t changing the height either, so this is a simple swap; out with the old patio door and in with a bifold door.

The prices below include:

  • The bifold door (mid-range white/coloured Upvc and another price for aluminium).
  • Labour.
  • Waste disposal.
  • VAT.

This project assumes an RSJ or lintel is in place to sufficiently support the wall above and doesn’t include the cost to widen the opening.

Bifold patio door
London Area£2600/£3000/£3100£2800/£3200/£3300Upvc White/Upvc Coloured/Aluminium Coloured
South, SW and Midlands£2400/£2800/£3000£2600/£3000/£3200Upvc White/Upvc Coloured/Aluminium Coloured
North and Outer Regions£2100/£2500/£2700£2300/£2700/£2900Upvc White/Upvc Coloured/Aluminium Coloured

Project 3 – Widen the Opening and Install a Wider Bifold Door

We had access to a larger property that had a fairly narrow sliding door leading to the patio. Next to the door was a smaller window. This was a perfect time to source prices to get rid of the existing door and window, widen the opening and install a bifold door.

This project involves:

  • Removal and disposal of the existing sliding patio door and one window.
  • Widen the opening to 3.6 metres.
  • Install an RSJ, so the brickwork above is supported.
  • Make good the brickwork outside and plaster walls indoors.
  • Install a new bifold sliding door in Upvc white/coloured.

Below is an average of the prices given to us by our chosen installers. As with our previous projects, the prices include materials (inc RSJ), labour, VAT and waste disposal.

(Note: the coloured Upvc cost is roughly the same as the cost of aluminium, both are more expensive than white Upvc)


London Area£5600/£6500£5800/£6700White/Coloured
South, SW and Midlands£5400/£6300£5600/£6500White/Coloured
North and Outer Regions£4700/£5600£4900/£5800White/Coloured

Extra Costs to Consider When Installing or Replacing a Patio Door

Like-for-like door swaps are generally straightforward, and there are rarely any unexpected costs.

However, no two projects are ever the same, and when it comes to widening the opening for a new patio door, there are a few extra costs to consider:

Relocating Radiators and Pipework – Needless to say, if you have a radiator or pipework along your wall and you want to fit a wider patio door, the radiator and pipes will need to be relocated. We haven’t included this cost in our patio door prices, but here you can see how much it costs to move a radiator.

Electrics – You may need to relocate electrical plug sockets and light switches if you’re widening a wall for a wider patio door. Also, think about internal and external lighting that might need to be relocated.

Decking/Patio – Widening the opening? Think about the patio, decking and general changes or alterations to your garden.

Internal Flooring – If you’re widening the opening, you may need new carpet or flooring by the door; this depends on the property.

Internal Walls – Our prices don’t include the removal of internal walls and only work to the external wall at the property’s rear.

RSJ, Lintels and Structural Support – If you’re widening your external wall opening so you can install a larger sliding or bifold door, you’ll need to support the wall, any floors above and the roof with a support. How much this costs will depend on the type of wall you have, how many floors there are above, and the opening’s width. Our property had a ground floor and a first with a tiled roof above. Townhouses, flats and some older buildings may require more structural support.

Where Can I Get a Price For a New Patio Door?

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Patio Door FAQs

When Were These Patio Door Prices Published?

We sourced prices for bifold and sliding patio doors in early 2021 and published this guide in March 2021.

Do The Installation Prices on This Page Include VAT?


All of the firms we contacted were VAT registered, and we’ve included the cost of this tax in our figures.

I've Been Given a Prices for a New Patio Door That are Much Higher/Lower Than Your Figures, Why is This?

Our prices are an average of the figures given to us by installers for specific patio door projects.

You may be given different prices because:

  • Your project is different from ours.
  • You choose firms that price their jobs at the upper or lower end of the price range (our displayed prices are averages).
  • You may live in an area where we didn’t source prices from.

Remember that our prices for patio doors are meant as a guide only.

To get a custom price, try Rated People.

Which Businesses Supplied These Prices?

32 installers and firms provided us with prices for patio doors. They were from various locations around the UK and were both local and national type businesses.

How Long Does it Take to Install a New Patio Door?

A straight bifold door swap only takes a few hours, but if you want the opening widened, then the work may take an extra 2-3 days as usually two or three different tradespeople are needed for the project. For example, the project may require a general builder to remove the wall and fit the RSJ, a plasterer to finish off the wall and the installer to fit the patio door.

Will Bifold Doors Increase the Value of My Property?

While it’s unlikely that a set of doors, bifold or otherwise, would increase the value of a property, it is possible if the work is down as part of a larger project making the most out of the available space, including in the garden.

What Sizes Are Bifold Doors?

The doors are typically 2.1m tall and between 1.8m and 5m long.

Longer doors can be made with a mechanical join, so you have plenty of choices.

What Material is Best For Bifold Doors?

Aluminium and steel are the most expensive options, and aluminium is very popular, steel less so.

Timber doors vary in price and quality; internal bifold doors are often made from cheap timber and can cost only a few hundred pounds, while external oak-framed doors can cost much more.

Upvc plastic-framed bifold doors are the most popular, and there’s a wide range of products and colours to choose from. Low-cost Upvc plastic doors often have thick edges while more expensive products are more slimline, meaning there’s less plastic and more glass.

Where Can I Get a Custom Quote?

You can post details of your project on Bark, a site where tradespeople are vetted and reviewed by their past customers.

You can also try Folding Doors 2u; they have an online calculator which produces price for either delivery or fully installed bifold doors.

Express Doors Direct has a price list for various patio doors, although they don’t include installation costs.

What Are The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing Bifold Doors?

Besides the colour and material, look at the frames’ thickness; slimline frames are generally preferred as they leave you with more glass.

You’ll also need to decide how many panes of glass you want and in which direction the doors will fold. 

You can also choose which section will be the traffic door which is a regular door you’ll probably use most of the time when the doors aren’t folded out.

If you’re replacing an existing sliding door or bifold door, you’ll need to make sure your existing lintel or RSJ is sufficient.

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