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Updated Scaffold Prices For 2021


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The UK’s Health and Safety Executive has tightened the rules regarding work at height and projects that could previously have been completed from ladders or with a harness may now require scaffolding.

Whatever your project is, our scaffold price guide below will reveal how much it costs to hire scaffold for:

  • Terraced houses, front and back.
  • A semi-detached home with three sides.
  • A detached home with four sides.
  • Access to a chimney at the side and centre of a roof.
  • Bridging a conservatory or similar.
  • Chute hire and other costs such as length of hire, pavement licences etc.

We also explain what “lifts” are, when they’re needed and how they affect the price. 

We Asked 46 Scaffold Firms How Much They Charge

Discover the average price and use it as a benchmark when sourcing quotes

Consumer protection groups and advisors frequently state that customers should get at least 3 quotes from tradespeople and associated businesses.

With at least 3 prices to hand, one should have a good idea of how much scaffolding costs and any chancers or overchargers can be weeded out.

Here at Quotation Check, we took things a little further by asking 46 scaffolding firms from around the UK for a price.

Some were willing to provide a price via email after we sent them photos and details of the properties while others insisted on inspecting the building first.

We asked for prices for what we feel are common domestic projects such as repairing a chimney, rendering a wall and re-tiling a roof etc.

Our scaffold prices can be found in the tables below.

Please read the rest of the guide where we explain extra charges and provide further relevant information, including details about where you can get a custom scaffold price.

Scaffold and ladder

1) Price to Scaffold a Terraced House

This is the scaffold price for a terraced house that has two sides; front and back.

The first price shown is for a scaffold erected up to gutter height with one boarded lift.

The second figure is for scaffolding to the same height but with two boarded lifts.

London Area£750£800
South, SW and Midlands£700£750
Outer Region and North£600£650
London Area£800£900
South, SW and Midlands£800£900
Outer Region and North£650£750

2) Cost to Scaffold a Semi-Detached Home With Three Sides

This price guide is for the raising of scaffold around all three sides of a three-bed semi-detached property.

Again, we’ve asked for two scaffold prices:

The first is for popular roofing projects with one boarded lift near the top of the scaffold.

The second figure is for scaffold with two boarded lifts; this is perfect for wall rendering, brick re-pointing, side extensions etc.

London Area£1000£1100
South, SW and Midlands£950£1050
Outer Region and North£900£1000
London Area£1200£1300
South, SW and Midlands£1100£1200
Outer Region and North£950£1050

3) Scaffolding to a Detached Home: Four Sides

This price guide is for the raising of scaffold around all four sides of a larger detached property.

Like the first two projects, we’ve asked for two scaffold prices:

The first is for roofing work with one boarded lift near the top of the scaffold.

The second figure is for scaffold with two boarded lifts; this is perfect for wall rendering, brick re-pointing, side extensions etc.

London Area£1350£1450
South, SW and Midlands£1200£1300
Outer Region and North£1050£1200
London Area£1550£1700
South, SW and Midlands£1500£1600
Outer Region and North£1200£1400

4) Cost to Scaffold a Chimney

This price guide is for erecting scaffold up and around a chimney and is often needed when replacing lead, replacing a cowl or repointing the brickwork.

The first price is for a chimney located at the side of a property, on the exterior wall.

The second price is for a larger chimney in the middle of a roof; this costs more as the scaffold must be raised up and along the roof, like a cantilever.

London Area£650£750
South, SW and Midlands£650£750
Outer Region and North£500£550
London Area£900£1100
South, SW and Midlands£850£950
Outer Region and North£750£850

5) Bridging a Conservatory With Scaffolding

This price guide is for constructing a bridge over a conservatory.

This type of scaffold is often needed when replacing roofline fascias and guttering above the conservatory or for gaining access to replace broken roof tiles.

London Area£550£600
South, SW and Midlands£500£550
Outer Region and North£400£450

6) Other Costs

We also looked at the cost of waste chutes, footpath licences, extra weekly hire, edge protection handrails for around flat roofs etc.

These prices were fairly similar for all areas of the UK:

Waste Chutes£50£75
Edge protection handrails (i.e. for flat roof edges)£10 per metre£15 per metre
Extra hire per week10% of original cost15% of original cost
Footpath licence£168N/A

What Are Boarded Lifts?

A boarded lift is any level of the scaffolding where walking boards are placed.

Some projects will require more lifts; for example, bricklayers will need several lifts so they can safely construct the wall up to the desired height.

Someone replacing guttering will only require one boarded lift as they are only working at one height.

The more lifts you require, the more the scaffold costs as each boarded lift requires:

  • Scaffold walking boards.
  • Handrails.
  • Footboards.
  • Ladders for accessing different levels.

How Much Are Pavement Scaffold Licences? How Long Are They Valid For?

If you need to place scaffold onto a public highway, your scaffolder will need a licence.

You’ll also need to pay extra if you block the pavement or need to put pedestrian or traffic management in place.

As councils issue licences, each one will have different rules and prices. Your chosen scaffold firm should be able to get a price as they’ll have experience working in your area.

We contacted 6 councils and found that the average licence was £168 and was valid for 28 days.

It’s worth noting that it’s the scaffolder that must apply for the licence, not the customer.

How Long Can Scaffold Be Hired For?

When you hire scaffold, the cost includes an initial hire period; after this, any additional weeks are charged at a weekly rate.

The hire period varies from firm to firm, but we were given prices for between two and eight weeks.

Based on our research, the additional weekly rate is around 10-15% of the initial charge.

Alternatives to Scaffold

Scaffold hire isn’t cheap, but it is one of the safest ways to work at height.

Contrary to what some believe, ladders haven’t been banned by the Health and Safety Executive, but their use has been limited, and scaffold or other alternatives should be used where possible.

A popular alternative is access towers, these are usually made from lightweight aluminium and are suitable for smaller projects such as replacing gutters, painting roofline boards and even replacing broken tiles. Most roofing firms will own access towers or will hire them as they’re ideal for many roofing projects.

Safety harnesses have their place and can be used to protect workers, but HSEs regulations state that group protection must take precedent over individual protection. This means, for example, that you cannot have workers replacing a roof without scaffold or edge protection, even if they were wearing harnesses and ropes.

Scissor lifts and cherry pickers can also be hired on a per-day basis and are sometimes cheaper than scaffold for small projects where access is troublesome.

Access scaffold tower

Extra Scaffolding Costs to Consider:

The prices we’ve published on this page are an average of the prices given to us for specific projects.

Estimates you’re given may differ for various reasons:

Location – London and the south-east are the most expensive places to hire scaffold as wages are higher than any other part of the UK. This, as you can see from our guide, is reflected in the cost to hire scaffold.

Access – Not all properties are easy to access. Some terraced houses have back gardens that are nearly impossible to access without going through the house. Access issues can increase the time it takes to erect scaffold and increase the cost charged to the customer.

Blocking Road or Pavement – While a licence allows your scaffolding firm to place scaffold on a pavement, it doesn’t permit them to block it. Usually, a minimum amount of pavement must be left usable. Most councils that we contacted stated that 1.2metres of pavement must be left for wheelchair, pushchair and other pedestrian access. If you need to block the pavement or a road, the cost of the scaffold can skyrocket, especially if traffic management needs to be put in place.

Netting and Brick Guards – Scaffold netting stops debris from falling off the scaffold and is a safety feature typically used when the scaffold is erected over a footpath or if there are workers below. Netting adds to the cost but might not be needed, so seek advice from the scaffolder. Bricks are often stacked in piles that pose a safety issue, brick guards, made from either wire or sturdy plastic, protect those working underneath.

Beams – Beams are used to bridge the gap over access roads, large porches or other obstacles and add to the cost.

Scaffold Hire

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Scaffold FAQs

When Were These Scaffold Prices Published?

Our scaffold price guide was published in ealry 2021.

Where Did The Prices Come From?

We contacted dozens of scaffolding firms from various locations around the UK. We then calculated and published an average figure, which we refer to as a benchmark price.

Do These Prices Include VAT?

Only tradespeople and businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold need to register for and then charge their customers this tax.

All of the scaffolders we contacted were VAT registered the figures in our scaffold price list include this tax.

How Long Does it Take to Put Up Scaffold?

For standard bread-and-butter projects that scaffolders undertake every day, you might be surprised how quickly scaffold can be erected. 

A typical semi-detached house with three sides can be scaffolded within a morning.

More complex projects may require professional or bespoke design and such work will take longer.

Where is the Best Place to Find a Reputable Scaffolder?

The NASC is an independent association of scaffolders and has a database of approved scaffolding contractors. 

CISRS is a training scaffold scheme and provides identification cards based on experience and skill level.

Pasma is the leading supplier of training courses for scaffold and access towers.

Rated People has a database of scaffolding firms and also displays reviews from past customers.

Is There a Time Limit For Scaffold Hire?

If you’re worried that your project may take longer than you anticipated, choose a scaffolding firm with reasonable extra weekly fees. 

Most firms offer prices with a minimum hire period of between two and eight weeks with additional charges for extra weeks.

Am I Legally Required to Use Scaffold When Working at Height?

While safe, simple projects that can be completed in minutes can still be done via ladders, longer, more complex projects should be completed from towers, a scaffold or a mechanical lift.

A suitable person should conduct a risk assessment, and this will determine the type of access equipment needed.

The Health and Safety Executive’s guide to work at height guide is a good place to start should you need more information.

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